To 2013

It’s inevitable noh. I seriously don’t get people who don’t dwell in this act of introspection, okay kidding, I do. But it takes a while to come in to that conclusion okay.

Now that we are past trivialities, I am glad to know that there are others who also indulge in the tedious task of giving oneself an year end analysis. Introspection, they taught me psychology. I look into myself. Not much that I can see, wearing those Aladdin pants slash pants people will get lost in *tsk*. Yes, Miley Cyrus isn’t helping either. Lols. I seem to have a recent inclination towards the lady, her videos with Ellen and music. Next thing I know my wallpaper is of her and Mr Thicke. Tsk.

2013 was a big year for me. I graduated *woots* , got a job *double woots*, did certain things i may not possibly do again *no woots* and well, quit my first ‘proper job’ **. I think the highlight was maybe moving back home. I’m still trying to get myself to believe that I am here, for good. Or for at least a good while. Or maybe I need one of those Happy Endings ‘Stay Grounded’ tattoos on my waistband. A lot of good things have happened while in Sri Lanka, no doubt, but there is a dire lack in conviction. Conviction doesn’t come easily in Sri Lanka. Not that it was easily found in the library back in India, but but but, you know. I dunno. Someone like my Nepali friend would understand.

The whole deal is quite different. In the Stephen King book (it’s a memoir, I’m not much of sci-fi fan. Wait, is Star Wars scifi? Haney manda) I’m reading now. It’s called, ‘On Writing’ (I was talking conviction, get it?). Pretty swag. Let me know if you need a pdf, will mail it over! Anyhoo, the book says how you sometimes genuinely fail to say what you want to say and the inadequacy of the written word! Haw. So true though. Dig that, like totally. Also, do excuse the wannabe niggah talk \m/

I may have been inspired once again my all time favourite author Hemingway, but this time around it’s maybe not only the writing style after. 2014 is filled with baby scares, decisions, impending marriages and genealogical tracings. Kidding. But the following year looks so ruddy scary. Here’s to my sanity. See why I am a newfound Hemingway fan girl now.

On the lines of drinking alone to my sanity, let me thank each and everyone who has contributed to this blog in terms of comments and reads and individual feedback and of course encouragement. I hit — blog posts this year, the highest I’ve ever written.

*group hug*

It’s Christmas!

Hurrah for stating the obvious. Tsk. But I’ve missed my last Tuesday post noh? How did that happen? :O Was it a holiday? Like poya? :s I’m so sorry I did. I had forgotten wage. If there was anyone who was looking forward to it, sorry about it!

Lookie our pretty tree with ALL THE GIFTS! I GOT a 2014 planner *yay*, hair stuff *yay* and vouchers *yay*
Lookie our pretty tree with ALL THE GIFTS! I GOT a 2014 planner *yay*, hair stuff *yay* and vouchers *yay*

So, I’m feeling positively Christmassy today and I look around at my work folks and  Twitter timeline and realise that not many people share similar sentiments! Haw 😦 So, time to play elf *rubs palms together*

Here are a few things I could piece together from the top of my mind, I hope it would work and you would love me and we could all be happy.

a) Listen to my killer 8tracks playlist here.

b) Watch Love Actually. Muhaha.

c) Buy something for someone else, wrap it nicely (if you can’t, please go to Odel and stand in line) and hand it over on Christmas. Even I don’t celebrate Christmas, but ’tis now a global celebration noh. We are celebrating Christmas at home too and exchanging gifts and shiz. I’ll upload a picture once I get home okei.

d) Watch this and this Superwoman videos.

e) Introspection taime! Write down ten nice things you did for yourself (even if it is spending 2000 bucks at McDonald’s JUST FOR YOURSELF!) within the year. I bought myself a yummy Fillet burger yesterday and was thrilled.

f) If you are single, buy yourself a pretty Christmas present! Yay. If you are not, well too bad. Muhaha. Kidding, by something for your other/better/worse half.

I can’t think of more at the moment, but will add to the list if I do and till then, you could let me know if there is anything else that could go on the list too. Yay.

Stay happy and think sunny my Jillies.

Hot Cakes!

Woots. So it’s my birthday. WAS my birthday. But it’s the week following my birthday, so I guess it’s still my birthday and I am allowed to be a brat about it. Lalaalallala. No, I don’t want to hear you out. Tsk.

So Mandela died. I’m sorry Sir, you were great and all but when you live at GMT +5.30 and most of the tweet-as-it-happens news stations decide to rub it in your face, you feel guilty about having a particular song on loop (see below!).

Having said my RIPs and all, being the nice person I am I decided to treat the work people to cupcakes. Okay, this was decided before Mr M decided to kick the bucket.

Woots! Eggless cupcakes that hardly misses an egg :D (I stole a pic from Auntie Maureen's page)
Woots! Eggless cupcakes that hardly misses an egg!
(I stole a pic from Auntie Maureen’s page)

Since, (brace myself) November I decided to run to Auntie Maureen not because I knew Auntie Maureen’s daughter (or rather my sister!), but mainly coz I found an early Christmas spark on their page. You know, that Christmas spark, twinkle in the eye, glint in the corner of the frame sort of thing. There was so much life, warmth and love in those deliciously too-pretty-to-eat goodies.

Now, let’s come to the food itself. So, I’m a self-proclaimed non-foodie. But I did have one of these babies. They were eggless also! I’m a nice person who takes in consideration the problems of vegetarians and vegans. Om.

  • First, the were pretty. Four big trays filled with deliciously iced cupcakes.
  • Second, they were pretty filling! I’ve been hogging like there is no tomorrow (read: four kilos!) and whoa, even I couldn’t have more than one. But that didn’t stop the workforce from downing two or three as they pints of beer or something. Buhaha.
  • Third, the icing lady (Akki’s friend!) came to collect the trays from my workplace toooooo.
  • So many wins!

The ladies behind Auntie Maureen (Auntie Maureen and her daughter and soon the grand daughter too, me thinks!) are one of those fine Victorian specimens with a twenty-first century twist: they cook, bake, knit, stitch, are very artsy craftsy, have pretty daughters and work, like full-time! #Superwomen

If the pic isn’t tempting enough order and gobble yourself. They even have fancy Christmas hampers and stuff. According to my sister, the milk toffees are unstoppable. You wouldn’t even realise how many you’ve downed until the tin is over. Slurp.

Just Another Tuesday Post.

Hola fellows. It’s Tuesday! I did completely forget that I had ‘agreed’ to blog every Tuesday and bam! So in news, we had a house guest over for two consecutive weekends who renamed Sri Lanka as ‘Sari Island’. Okay, I call it that but, you get the picture noh 😀

I hadn’t really prepared for this so it might be a little short and all over the place. Lols. That sounds wrong without any context noh.

In other news, our workplace shifted to a new place! So much swag it is 🙂 Yay.


Darn it, I slept for nearly twelve hours last night (I had a long Sunday, you see) and just rubbed my kajal-ed-eye. Tsk. Must be looking like a little Halloween treat during Christmas 😀

And Christmas is coming! Yay. A lot of other fancy birthdays too noh. Lolity.

What else, what else.  I might write a ‘Sari Island’ bloggie soon, possible another followed by ‘On Reassurance’ to perhaps reassure myself also. Ayyo salli.

So till I write a more detailed, well structured bloggie, I be off.

Oh, I thought of getting in to vlogging?


Out of Office Reply

Have you ever come up with the title before the post? Well I have, did it with this also. I used to do that from poetry days. Clearly the poetry doesn’t happen anymore. Tsk. Also, I think the title-first approach was a result of the 200-cast Director during College days. Some branding technique she seemed to manipulate, not as effectively though. So yes, hence the name.

This was actually supposed to be one of those explanatory posts on the self-imposed hiatus. I also seem to be avoiding people. And going partially vegetarian. Ohmygawd. I think the world is coming to an end.

On a more serious note, I’m currently going through what my Nepali friend likes to call ‘quarter life crisis’. Life is being tough on me or rather, I am making it so for myself. Decisions are being made, however what lies ahead is a blurry line of things. Tsk. Lookie my sad references also, you get the idea noh.

So here’s a warning to anyone who might be reading this. Blogging might be sporadic. Along with tweeting, eating and meeting people. I don’t know how to nicely say that I’m taking a break from life, but that seems to best define the phase.

Until life seems right again.
Lau to all.

Picking up the Pieces

It’s Tuesday! 🙂 Sorry about last Tuesday being a fail. Sometimes, things don’t work out as you planned, yes? But then again some of us are so fixated on a plan that when they don’t execute accordingly we get all woozy. I mean, what could’ve possibly gone wrong? Yes, you overslept or you did something wrong that resulted in the entire operation taking an ugly turn. Tsk. You dismiss it as a one-off deal, but what happens when it continues to happen? You continue to oversleep or make  a mess out of things and dushang. You are done.

But here I am telling you that you are not done.

You will continue to fight the same battles despite oversleeping or continuing to make a mess of things but getting the work done at the end of the day.

You will continue to do the same mistake over and over again that would become a norm.

This norm you would use to your advantage and then before you know it, you are indispensable. People wouldn’t know what to do without you. Over a matter of weeks, you are a hero. Or heroine. Or whatever that comes in between.

You celebrate on the first Friday your way about your new found fifteen minutes of fame that is taken away from you in a matter of fifteen seconds.

Yet, you are not done.

You go on like a junkie addicted to harmful substances. Or if that is what they call it these days.

Why I Continue to Tweet

Okay, this was supposed to come in yesterday, as part of #BloggingTuesdays , but it didn’t. Why? i don’t know. I’ve been horrendously lazy these days and motivation levels have gone from hero to zero. It’s not writer’s block. That much I know. I mean I can write at the moment, I’m not suffering from the inability to write, just the motivation me thinks. Haw. 

Coming back to what I would be dealing with today, or should’ve dealt with yesterday: tweeting / Twitter / or whatever floats your boat.

For those who know me, they do know that I’m not a superbly social person. I like the company of people yes, but it takes me a while (like most people) to ‘click’ with someone to have a drink with them. Wait, I don’t drink anymore. Haw. However, I can do okay without the company of people as well! (No surprise most of my Sims carry the ‘loner’ trait. Giggles.) There are tonnes of talking bots online. A leetle note to the developers out their, please rework the AI APIs or something, they tend to get a little repetitive. Or just get Siri on board! 🙂

One of the reasons I got off Facebook was well, it started getting verrryy nosy, I mean it’s all nice and fun when you like someone and want to go through all of their pictures to find out whose hand he is holding in all pics or to find out if the girl sitting on his lap is actually his little sister. However, then it got all next-door-neighbour-ly and I mean seriously, I would see my relatives way more on Facebook than in real life?! The latter never happened IRL for a reason. Why should it be virtually replicated, noh. Also, I got bored with Facebook. I get bored with things and uhm well things noh.

Now Twitter. I’ve gotten bored of this too. There’s either Drama or no Rama and hayyo, they are starting to get all Facebookie, I feel. Uncool. I’ve deactivated my account before, had some server downtime to deal with. Haw. But then I reactivated it coz people laus me. Haw. However, after this weekend’s deactivation, I realised that I couldn’t do that again:! *ahem it’s: . Buhaha*

I think I made my point clear ladies gentlemen, have a good afternoon. I’m heading to the exit now 😀

Let’s Go Back to India

I couldn’t title this as soon as I started writing and that’s weird. I usually think­ of the title before I start writing and clearly that didn’t happen this time around. Haw. I also started using WriteMonkey. Neat piece of meat this is.

So last night, I missed India. Okay, I’ve been missing India for a while now. Seriously considering Masters there, but there is the problem of work [India, get your act together. Letting your PG kids work while study would make them better employees. Sheesh]. But, I dunno. There seems to be a lack of writers in this country, so that’s good news for us noh! But yes, there are other responsibilities that are keeping me from going there as well. It is one of the best escape strategies I’ve come up with, to date.

But then, what would I do with my Masters in Philosophy? Or Literature? No one really gives an eff about Barthes or Derrida and that always breaks my heart a little (I realised I had one, after such repeated episodes). I use their theories and get my point across but it’s sad when due respect or credit is not given. Same with the psyc fools. Haw.

Does that mean that SL needs more education or educated people OR general awareness on theoreticians, for GK purposes? I know Google is there, and I rely on it immensely as well, but still. I do not want to be a part of the ‘Are You Smarter Than Google’ competition.

Life back in Sri Lanka is frustrating. I keep complaining to anyone who would listen to me. There’s no place to shop. No place to study. Well there are, if you are interested in technology and business. Not that there is anything wrong with it. I’m a huge fan of both. But I wouldn’t necessarily want to study em? I would rather optimise its usage to my advantage (ahem) but not study the rotten thing. What the eff happened to Humanities?! Why doesn’t the world care about other disciplines anymore. Sigh.

Yup. Honours in English Studies 2013' :)
Yup. Honours in English Studies 2013′ 🙂

I miss my seventeen (no it was sixteen by the time we graduated) people classroom in India. In that little horrid room, with no windows, pungentee and fabulous teachers. I mean people out there were capable of ‘convincing’ people like me that education was not only for the overly smart people. That university degrees, while not a breeze, were attainable. That is where the real ‘marketing’ lies, me thinks: the little psychological manipulation slash constructive criticism.

Here’s to India, the place where I met my lovely roomie, great people and friends scattered across continents and the Indian subcontinent and most importantly, a place where I once found home 🙂

Highly emotion driven, I must be at the onset of my period.