To 2013

It’s inevitable noh. I seriously don’t get people who don’t dwell in this act of introspection, okay kidding, I do. But it takes a while to come in to that conclusion okay. Now that we are past trivialities, I am glad to know that there are others who also indulge in the tedious task of giving oneself an year end analysis. Introspection, they taught me … Continue reading To 2013

Let’s Go Back to India

I couldn’t title this as soon as I started writing and that’s weird. I usually think­ of the title before I start writing and clearly that didn’t happen this time around. Haw. I also started using WriteMonkey. Neat piece of meat this is. So last night, I missed India. Okay, I’ve been missing India for a while now. Seriously considering Masters there, but there is … Continue reading Let’s Go Back to India

Explaining ‘Haw’

The need has arisen. Tsk. I should stop misinterpreting stuff. Also, I should stop blogging during work hours, noh. But Twitter said that it was raining (yes I’m lazy, as are you) so all the more reason for me to seek distraction from the rains and the clouds and all things not sunny. Coming back to the ‘need’, my ‘haw’ has been used, misused, overused and generated … Continue reading Explaining ‘Haw’

The Truth about Being Home Alone

and the reality most people fail to see.  First up, WordPress, do consider having subtitles, maybe? Second, I’m taking a ‘writerly break’ while at work okay. I don’t usually have lunch – no, I’m not on a diet as I don’t believe in them. Just that I have a horrid appetite coz of gastritis and therefore eat every ten hours or something on those lines. … Continue reading The Truth about Being Home Alone

On Combatting Writer’s Bloc

I write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired at 9 am every morning.  – Peter DeVries Was the quote I put up on Skype. Not because I’m cool or anything, hell no, but because I was looking for ways to distract myself and I was at work and that reduced the number of possibilities I could’ve otherwise employed to distract … Continue reading On Combatting Writer’s Bloc

#5 India Posting: One for the Teachers

“Eliminate the impossible, and whatever remains, however improbable, is the truth.” –          Luka and the Fire of Life – Salman Rushdie Sickness brings out the worst in you. Okay I take that back. A lot of things bring out the worst in you. But sickness, physical ailment makes you think of things once impossible. The above quote was something that played in mind while reading … Continue reading #5 India Posting: One for the Teachers