Explaining ‘Haw’

The need has arisen. Tsk. I should stop misinterpreting stuff. Also, I should stop blogging during work hours, noh. But Twitter said that it was raining (yes I’m lazy, as are you) so all the more reason for me to seek distraction from the rains and the clouds and all things not sunny.

Coming back to the ‘need’, my ‘haw’ has been used, misused, overused and generated a truckload of questions for these third-party users, haw! I hardly use it now (especially in comparison to those who do!), coming to think of it 😮 See, for those who know me, you would also be familiar with ‘current words’ or ‘word(s) of the week(s)’. I will refrain from recalling them on a public forum such as this (that also collects amass of readers, not!) and our ‘haw’ here too, is one of such.

Yes, the whatsapp 'haw' face. Please note, Interpretation is contextual.
Yes, the whatsapp ‘haw’ face. Please note, Interpretation is contextual.

The beginnings of ‘haw’ starts with the emoji on display. My super-fancy Windows 7.8 phone** (that doesn’t allow the upgrade to version 8 *grumble*) got the ‘new’ whatsapp emojis quite late in the day and I was quite taken up by this little bastard of a face. It automatically generated a ‘haw’ factor. HAW!

Since that day on however, its interpretation has been very contextual and it is oft used instead of “aww”, “oh!”, “oh, fuck”, “oh, poor you” and wherever else, that sounds ‘haw-ly’ appropriate.

Sorry if this wasn’t as informative as I had mapped it out in that pretty little head of mine, but realised that I couldn’t give out separate definitions with examples etc as it is bloody contextual.

So use the ‘haw’ wisely, my friend.

Hope you find sunshine amidst the darkened skies.

**If all goes well and I be rich enough, I’m deciding between a phone or a handbag as a birthday present for myself. Let’s get interactive and be nice enough to share your opinion, I just might consider it 😀

23 thoughts on “Explaining ‘Haw’

  1. HA! Overused is a understatement 😛 and frankly I think it lost it’s Haw-ness thanks to certain people; to quote: “used, misused, overused”. It had a nice warmth and comfy feeling to it at the beginning tho 😀

    But Kudos to you Jill for the originality 😉 #BeJilly #Jillyness #Jillato

    okay I’m out-o



    1. Yes, I felt that vibe too. Possibly why my usage of the word declined as well.

      Thanks for reading, commenting and well #Hashtagging . #HashtaggersUniteInc


      1. Which is why I only use the word when talking to you (when relevant and in context) :]

        But hey if used properly it could be a weapon of mass flirtation and melting of hearts 😉 #JustSayng #UsesOfHaw


      2. Aw. Lookie that :’) #Hawesome

        Lols. As an advocate for pirated content, I support the copy left movement and believe that ‘haw’ could reach great heights and well, hearts 🙂


    1. Yes yes, I saw this one 😀 Well, now that the world has been ‘haw-tified’, I’m just going to see how ‘hawesome’ it’d be 😀


      1. That was Sudaththa explaining ‘haw’. It was up on Twitter also. You will soon be the most-commented person on the blog 😀 I should consider adding you to the ‘Personal Profiles’ category 😀


    1. Lols. Yes yes. Maybe my mother my decide to give me a birthday cheque and I could buy both *grin*



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