To 2013

It’s inevitable noh. I seriously don’t get people who don’t dwell in this act of introspection, okay kidding, I do. But it takes a while to come in to that conclusion okay.

Now that we are past trivialities, I am glad to know that there are others who also indulge in the tedious task of giving oneself an year end analysis. Introspection, they taught me psychology. I look into myself. Not much that I can see, wearing those Aladdin pants slash pants people will get lost in *tsk*. Yes, Miley Cyrus isn’t helping either. Lols. I seem to have a recent inclination towards the lady, her videos with Ellen and music. Next thing I know my wallpaper is of her and Mr Thicke. Tsk.

2013 was a big year for me. I graduated *woots* , got a job *double woots*, did certain things i may not possibly do again *no woots* and well, quit my first ‘proper job’ **. I think the highlight was maybe moving back home. I’m still trying to get myself to believe that I am here, for good. Or for at least a good while. Or maybe I need one of those Happy Endings ‘Stay Grounded’ tattoos on my waistband. A lot of good things have happened while in Sri Lanka, no doubt, but there is a dire lack in conviction. Conviction doesn’t come easily in Sri Lanka. Not that it was easily found in the library back in India, but but but, you know. I dunno. Someone like my Nepali friend would understand.

The whole deal is quite different. In the Stephen King book (it’s a memoir, I’m not much of sci-fi fan. Wait, is Star Wars scifi? Haney manda) I’m reading now. It’s called, ‘On Writing’ (I was talking conviction, get it?). Pretty swag. Let me know if you need a pdf, will mail it over! Anyhoo, the book says how you sometimes genuinely fail to say what you want to say and the inadequacy of the written word! Haw. So true though. Dig that, like totally. Also, do excuse the wannabe niggah talk \m/

I may have been inspired once again my all time favourite author Hemingway, but this time around it’s maybe not only the writing style after. 2014 is filled with baby scares, decisions, impending marriages and genealogical tracings. Kidding. But the following year looks so ruddy scary. Here’s to my sanity. See why I am a newfound Hemingway fan girl now.

On the lines of drinking alone to my sanity, let me thank each and everyone who has contributed to this blog in terms of comments and reads and individual feedback and of course encouragement. I hit — blog posts this year, the highest I’ve ever written.

*group hug*

4 thoughts on “To 2013

  1. Thank you for featuring me in your introspection blog 😛
    Hope 2014 will be kind, gentle and giving. Lots of lauu.



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