Let’s Go Back to India

I couldn’t title this as soon as I started writing and that’s weird. I usually think­ of the title before I start writing and clearly that didn’t happen this time around. Haw. I also started using WriteMonkey. Neat piece of meat this is.

So last night, I missed India. Okay, I’ve been missing India for a while now. Seriously considering Masters there, but there is the problem of work [India, get your act together. Letting your PG kids work while study would make them better employees. Sheesh]. But, I dunno. There seems to be a lack of writers in this country, so that’s good news for us noh! But yes, there are other responsibilities that are keeping me from going there as well. It is one of the best escape strategies I’ve come up with, to date.

But then, what would I do with my Masters in Philosophy? Or Literature? No one really gives an eff about Barthes or Derrida and that always breaks my heart a little (I realised I had one, after such repeated episodes). I use their theories and get my point across but it’s sad when due respect or credit is not given. Same with the psyc fools. Haw.

Does that mean that SL needs more education or educated people OR general awareness on theoreticians, for GK purposes? I know Google is there, and I rely on it immensely as well, but still. I do not want to be a part of the ‘Are You Smarter Than Google’ competition.

Life back in Sri Lanka is frustrating. I keep complaining to anyone who would listen to me. There’s no place to shop. No place to study. Well there are, if you are interested in technology and business. Not that there is anything wrong with it. I’m a huge fan of both. But I wouldn’t necessarily want to study em? I would rather optimise its usage to my advantage (ahem) but not study the rotten thing. What the eff happened to Humanities?! Why doesn’t the world care about other disciplines anymore. Sigh.

Yup. Honours in English Studies 2013' :)
Yup. Honours in English Studies 2013′ 🙂

I miss my seventeen (no it was sixteen by the time we graduated) people classroom in India. In that little horrid room, with no windows, pungentee and fabulous teachers. I mean people out there were capable of ‘convincing’ people like me that education was not only for the overly smart people. That university degrees, while not a breeze, were attainable. That is where the real ‘marketing’ lies, me thinks: the little psychological manipulation slash constructive criticism.

Here’s to India, the place where I met my lovely roomie, great people and friends scattered across continents and the Indian subcontinent and most importantly, a place where I once found home 🙂

Highly emotion driven, I must be at the onset of my period.

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