The Truth about Being Home Alone

and the reality most people fail to see. 

First up, WordPress, do consider having subtitles, maybe?

Second, I’m taking a ‘writerly break’ while at work okay. I don’t usually have lunch – no, I’m not on a diet as I don’t believe in them. Just that I have a horrid appetite coz of gastritis and therefore eat every ten hours or something on those lines.

Third, the morning started gloomily. (There is no red line, underlining ‘gloomily’, haw) The sun and some sons, play an important role in my life. Especially on a Monday morning.

Now, where was I? Yes, being home alone. Before one gets all excited, trust me it’s not all party, booze and rum and loud music. We.are.not.fifteen. Well, coming to think of it, I didn’t indulge in any such drama when I was fifteen either. Haw.

So, the folks are out on a road trip slash tour slash showing some noisy Harley bikers what Sri Lanka is about. As the sister (Akki) and I are home (yes we have jobs that pay with a limited number of ‘leave’) and are well into our 20s and have also lived by ourselves in lands across the narrow seas we thought we would manage alright. 

And we have so far. Yay, us. So far at least. We don’t drive to work, too much of a hassle for the moment and the mother does not trust my traffic-induced patience (not kidding, I love driving in traffic until someone overtakes from the left. bastards). Also, the tuki guy is quite swell, I’m at work by 08 am, yay!

The first Friday that passed since the folks were out went well. It turned out to be like any other Friday night. Some alcohol, some dancing with bestfriends and a jolly good time. I may have gotten home a little later than I usually would, but I wasn’t throwing up in the morning. Win 😉

Saturday night was the sister’s turn to go boogying. Actually she went out for dinner with friends. Lols. And I had a ball of a time making myself some food and working.

During the day, we went about usual Saturday chores and some marketing. Sunday was the same, with cleaning the house, washing cars etc. Akki and I also managed to go for a little jog-walk!

This morning, I was up for my alarm. First time after a long time I think. I have four five alarms at fifteen minute intervals that I try to wake up to every morning. Was up by the second one itself today, haw. We also got ourselves some food from home, Akki made coffee and was out of the house by 7.25 am.

If a ‘dedication’ for this post was required, I’d say that it goes out to all parents who travel out of town regularly or occasionally (like our own) and to the children (yes, despite hitting two decades we are still ‘children’) who ‘crave’ to be home alone. It’s not all fun and games for most of us. Even though some of us might look the part (yes, like myself there are other morons who judge books by their covers) more often than not, people our age are not party animals who need to stay out till late every night. We are acutely aware that being ‘home alone’ so to speak is equivalent to one of the many trials God put Abraham through! (okei, maybe not that bad!) And that means we are required to be in our best behaviour, practice what we’ve been taught so far and indulge in all things naughty without getting caught 😀

Here’s hoping that Akki and I have no rapists to deal with tonight. Lols.

Have a good Monday ahead folks!

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