On Combatting Writer’s Bloc

I write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired at 9 am every morning.  – Peter DeVries

Was the quote I put up on Skype. Not because I’m cool or anything, hell no, but because I was looking for ways to distract myself and I was at work and that reduced the number of possibilities I could’ve otherwise employed to distract myself but you know how the story goes and fuck this sentence is real long coz I wanted it to be so.

Lols. Yes, I say that out loud and I also do ‘lol’ upon saying so.

So last night, I was on Google trying to find ways to combat writer’s bloc! Apparently it’s common. Pity I didn’t write one of those SEO articles on it while content writing in India, I would’ve cooked up something delish, for sure! According to the many sites, one of the ways to fight this miserable moose was to write about something else. Which is exactly what I am doing write now in case you didn’t realise. Tsk. My other word doc is open, sitting prettily next to this but I cannot seem to bring myself to write that article. I was about to say miserable but worried if my employers read my blog, if you are reading, hi bosses! 🙂 But no it is not miserable. It’s quite, no not interesting, that is not the word I’m looking for, but educating? Yes, that is the one. Since my tenure here, I realised that my supposed inclination towards technology I claimed to have had before joining was as good as saying that I fancied Hugh Grant in Notting Hill or Bridget Jones. So yes, it is very educating and at times even overwhelming. I hate to make the lives more difficult of those who seem to know so much more than I do about this field but have no choice but to ask them when Google, Wikipedia, Dumb Little Man (yes, there is a site by this name!), How Stuff Works prove to be inadequate. Fuckers. As my sister not too long ago, “Wrong degree, wrong place.”

So here’s (an article) to combat writer’s bloc. Since the only beverages I seem to down at the moment are coffee and water.


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