On Seeking Happiness

I know the Tuesday post is late but hey, it’s still Tuesday and also, it’s a holiday. I’m exempted. Muhaha.

We’ve dealt on this sometime before, a few times even, but I thought it’s about time the topic was revisited. Like *cough* ‘love’, happiness for me is one of those complex, cannot-be-explained topics. I don’t quite deal as much with the former, as I believe in restricting myself to ‘popular beliefs’, however, happiness is a curious thing. Most of us are yet to find things that keep us happy, for a while longer than a new pair of shoes or a freshly mowed lawn. Some of us are also yet to find that person that supposedly keeps us happy. For those who have, kudos, may happiness stay with you for as long as the sun continues to rise. For those who haven’t, it’s about time we take a look at our alternate options. There aren’t many, but yes we could find something half as interesting.

I’ve expressed my silent promotions for monotony before. Even content, to some extent is monotonous and subject to more stability. I find immense joy in doing the most boring of tasks, ironing, washing clothes and other household chores that do not require much creativity (housewife, FTW). It’s laborious in its own way but at the end of the chore, your mind is hopefully clear on whatever that took place, pre-chore-time and you have a cleaner house. Voila. Two pigs with one bird. There are of course other methods in which one can attain monotony and trip for hours to end (this is the post-I Love Una me talking) and still attain the same level of supposed self actualisation.

Then you get the stuff that require some amount of creativity or right brain activity. For me, it’s usually writing or cooking. Playing a sport too, (an art in my opinion) requires a good deal of this. Or even yoga. Or doing make up tutorials on YouTube.

The post is a little disjoint and lotsa loose ends that require to be tied up. I might revisit it someday, but if I don’t, humble apologies. Just one of those days and periods in life where the timer in the oven is yet to ring.

For me, happiness is a big pie everyone wants a piece of. I hope you find yours before this one runs out. But in case you don’t, it’s still okay. God throws in refills at regular intervals.

5 thoughts on “On Seeking Happiness

  1. You know what makes me happy? Comedy, works most times, specially if I’m the source of the wit and more so if people are laughing because of me.

    Also sorry for my absence I’m the comments! Been busy with work and stuff!

    Also this blog is another thing that makes me happy 🙂 one of those refills that are thrown in regular intervals 😉


    1. Hahaha. This comment sure did light up my Toosday 🙂

      I completely agree about comedy. I seem to YouTube a lot for comedy too, when people refuse to laugh at my silliness!

      Also, no worries on the comments. You are not under obligation 😀

      Thank you for stopping by!

      P.S. – Why you no write?


      1. I will write soon! Work has had me on my toes, which in a way is a good thing.

        I want to focus my writing on a topic from now onwards rather than just ramble (sure I’ll ramble once in a while), so I want to find that topic that I can be constant with.

        Anyways I have decided to write at least once a month for staters. Jan is due 🙂


      2. Well, ranting is constant! Lols 😀 But yes, looking forward to it!




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