On Productivity

Two things work through my mind as I start typing this out: On how pretentious a productive person I might sound (loving the alliteration though, can’t help it, slurp); IT’S BEEN THE SECOND DAY IN A ROW SINCE I WROTE SLASHED BLOGGED. GAH. YAY. OHMYGOSHImuststopbeingasdramatic. Jokes aside though, I have some productive tendencies. It all comes down to how productive I genuinely want to be. … Continue reading On Productivity

Week Six: Giving Thanks

Hello all you beautiful people, How are you doing this lovely Tuesday? There hasn’t been much that happened the past week mostly due to shortcomings from yours truly, sigh. But here’s to been hopeful, alcohol and all good things in life. Here are what I am thankful for this week: Family: We had a family dinner party on Friday and contrary to popular belief, I had tonnes … Continue reading Week Six: Giving Thanks

Week Four: Giving Thanks

Hello mello, I am feeling overly jovial now, no idea why. Probably because I’m just, I don’t know. Well, I’m all sunny and smiles and we will leave it at that. So, here are what I am thankful for this week: Family Blogging: There’s been quite a bit of blogging the past week and I’m very thrilled about this. Organisation: I do have marginal organisation tendencies and … Continue reading Week Four: Giving Thanks