Table for One

I’m writing an additional post because I feel generous like that. Haha. (I like how I speak as though my audience is humungously large. Oh little pleasures) Also, quick apology on the home page layout, I wanted the “December Diaries” logo out there but clearly it is looking shitty. Will sort it out slowly. I am also seriously considering a domain name purchase, hmm.

So, as part of #BloggingTuesdays I thought of writing on my solitude-driven moment from last night. When I ended last night’s post, the plan was to get sloshed but that didn’t happen noh. Instead I thought of getting a bottle home and drinking alone while watching a movie, but then it was a meh moment so I went for dinner instead. Went to one of my all time favourite Italian places but sadly they had only pizza, because it was only the “pizza chef” who was available on duty. Meh. I was marginally offended when they thought I could eat an entire nine-inch pizza by myself. I mean uhm not to uhm, seriously?

Instead, I went to another recent favourite Italian place and well, they sat me a nice quaint corner.

#ProTip : When dining alone, do not sit with your back to the restaurant, even though this seems more “private”, it becomes a leelte inconvenient to distract a waiter. I mean your chances of flashing also are less noh, as distraction methods of course. 

I was craving ravioli and alcohol, but I don’t think they have a liquor license (nor do they want to be breeding potential alcoholics like myself. lol) and asked for hot chocolate instead. I mean it’s Christmas noh and I’m mainstream and vain like that.

I brought along with me the book I’m currently reading (which deserves a post of its own <3) and honestly did not feel the time go by, but half an hour later my stomach did. Meh. The food did finally arrive and it was pretty good, the sauce could’ve been thicker if I say so myself, but it was a delightful meal and heavens, I was hungry!

Please note that I’m not mentioning names because it’s not a “review” per se 🙂

The lady who runs the restaurant was very apologetic about the entire affair, (apparently it’s that time of the year when chefs of Italian restaurants go on leave 😮 ) and said that I get dessert on the house.

It was the moment of truth.

Do I tell her that I don’t like sweets or do I accept it as a token of apology without being the usual bitch I am?

Well, I opted for the latter because I’m nice like that 😉 *batters eyelashes*

I asked for Tiramisu because it is one of my favourite desserts sitting on par with baked Alaska and yay for it being available. I was also aware that a hot chocolate was on the way and it would be an overdose of chocolate but alas. I had it all anyway. *glutton moment*

Also interestingly, my hot chocolate arrived after my meal. For those who know me, I usually drink (any beverage) with my meal and this was an entirely “new” experience and after it followed the Tiramisu! Dang girl. I didn’t manage to finish the dessert as the sugar rush was not what I was used to, though I must admit that it was some pretty good Tiramisu. But then again, I’m neither a foodie nor have I had Tiramisu in more than ten places but it was pretty good mostly coz it wasn’t too sweet. *thumbs up*

Another thing I realised was that I ate very slowly. Now I am not the “savour” your food types because eating is more chore-ish for my than an act of enjoyment. But I had to eat very slowly (because the food was very hot, lol – and) as I had no work or responsibilities or curfew or whatever to look forward to. My folks were away at a wedding far far away and I knew there wasn’t anything urgent I had to look into and probably for the first time in a very long time I really enjoyed what I was eating, probably because I ate with a p(i)e(a)ce of mind, literally.

If you reallyyy want to know where I went, let me know. I highly recommend this place for solo-dining (which I might do quite frequently in future) as the restaurant is run by a sane and non-judgemental bunch.

Until evening.

Tuesday Voices

Hello lovelies!

It’s been a while since I last wrote here and for those who actually stop to read the nonsense I write, first thank you and secondly, I apologise. Writing has been difficult for me the past few days and even months. It’s always been a process that has come easy to me, by this no I do not mean that I didn’t put effort into it, but it’s something I could do with little or no motivation whatsoever if it was for work or even for something fun, like writing here. But these days, motivation has been sitting below ground level and for the first time it’s probably affected this process negatively.

I don’t rant about it as much because I know that I somehow pull myself up and pinch my eyelid to get things done last minute. The second reason I keep myself from ranting about it is because I am aware there are those who have it worse off than I do and I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

Also, I must add that it’s still Sunday over here and I want to write a bit of a longer post so will be spanning this across the next two days, hopefully.

On Journeys 

One of the many things that has fascinated me is the concept (and even the act of) a journey. I am deeply (and very cheesily) moved by inspiring music that is used as a background track for a journey, in any form of transportation. I’ve experimented this while editing videos while in university too and it does leave you with that feeling of content and warm fuzz. <turns into slime after all that cheese>

However, what I haven’t been fascinated with is why most people compare life to a journey. True there is the beginning and the end, but unlike in a journey when you set out, you wouldn’t know the stops you would make for fuel, food, sleep and you wouldn’t have Google maps either. And more often than not, our short-term destinations are not always pre-destined are they.

Journeys and motivation. Happy Tuesday my babies 🙂 (c) Google Images

On Motivation 

It’s Monday night, in case you were wondering.

I may have written on this before but things may have a bit of twist because Winter is here. I recently watched one of my favourite YouTuber’s say how she cheers herself up on a bad day by saying, “Today is the youngest and the oldest I’ll ever be (and hence will live today as it were the last day on earth – or something to that effect).”

But from what I know of myself, it’s easier to stay sad and miserable as opposed to trying. Trying requires too much effort and trust me, some can only try to get through the day. Night becomes hell. Sleep comes to you less and when it does bad dreams accompany it. You wake up feeling like you were hit by a truck or had a Sumo wrestler sleeping on top of you. Either way, it isn’t too pretty to wear salonpas on both shoulders as if it were part of your daily attire. But you can’t help it because this is exactly what you want to do and want to be and you frankly cannot do anything to make better the situation because there is no effort left in you.

I’m not saying that you can, if I knew you can, I would be trying that out on myself first. But what you can do however, to better the situation is to *drum roll please* compartmentalise. Yes, my shameless self-promotion of what Mr Lorry (A Tale of Two Cities) does best and what I have grown to imbibe in me as well. This way, your chances of being susceptible to what I call the “Domino Effect”, where everything in your life comes crashing down at the same time, becomes lesser. You become like those surviving Christmas lights you’d be taking out sometime next month to light up the tree and continue to shine bright despite that one little LED fucker who is not sunny.

The show must go on.

Even if the sky falls down, even if everything seems wrong and nothing makes sense anymore, the show must always go on. At times like this, the only solace once could find lies in trying to find the purpose of life and perhaps why we are here today. Why we may have had a “near death experience” as opposed to “death” itself. Why we should be thankful for ourselves and for everything and everyone we have in our lives. Even if the “Domino Effect” does come into play and Mr Lorry’s compartments all starts come to a halt at the same time, find the one that has the least damage and start healing that first before the crowd of compartments lures it into burning water. Once in a way, a bottoms up approach doesn’t hurt 🙂

Day Six: On Top of the World

So in case you didn’t already guess this one, I climbed Sigiriya! Woots. The first time in like twenty-something years. But it was the sense of accomplishment that comes with it. I’ve always been a bit of a Frescos and seeing it was quite a treat. The museum was all sorts of lovely as well, a must-go museum for all history buffs.

Since it is Friday, and once upon a time I started something on the lines of #FridayWisdom, let me share what I have in store for you today.

First is on solitude. Being alone is so underrated and not many people attempt it. I like and enjoy me-time as it is one of those few times I actually get to reflect on myself, what I want and lots of other things I do not have time to think of otherwise. While a lot of this would turn out bad, a bit of it everyday or a lot of it (catch up time, lol) once in a way is quite healthy. I thought through a lot of things and most importantly would like to think that I gained clarity on a few things as well. I hope these would reflect into all things positive in my life in future, only time will tell.

More wisdom is to be on these posts soon, will streamline them into something meaningful I suppose.

Signing off early tonight, read 7pm and then will be heading back home tomorrow. Yay.

Time for pictures and I might not post during the weekend as I have work catching up.

Have a good weekend lovelies 🙂




Day Five: Bicycle Trails!

Greetings readers!

How was your day? Mine was a bit of rain and shine, literally.

We were in Polonnaruwa this morning. We left Minneriya at 0800h and got there in about an hour. We rented bicycles at LKR 400 each, a total rip-off but then the rental chap said “10-12 kms” when in actuality it was just four or something. Hayyo.

We had to go back to the museum area because of our Nepali friend and no, I didn’t ride down the main road, too chicken for that noh. Teehee. Also, before you ask, yes I did fall! It’s been a while since I bicycles and lol. Nothing too scary, just a few bruises that will turn blue tomorrow.

The weather gods were not in our favour however, was raining on and off and meh. The museum was quite swell though, highly recommend to museum enthusiasts.

Despite the falls, the bicycle ride was calming. It’s a pity I can’t do more of it in Colombo, on straight roads that is. Haha.

It’s almost about publishing time so going to end it with a couple of pictures. Will be heading to Sigiriya tomorrow.

P.S. – We made our Nepali friend watch “Ex-Alien” #swagballs


Day Four: Country-Bound

Hello lovelies!

I am in Minneriya at the moment and am writing from my phone, so do excuse the unjustified posts (alignment that is, lol). We arrived here in the morning ish, around 1130h and was really warm. Happily lunched and then napped. A few interesting work related things happened too, will not go into detail as at yet because of my unwritten policy of not letting out details on things until I know it is going to happen for sure. Skeptical like that you know. Tsk.

Sitting in the living room and listening to some oldie but goldie music.

It’s almost another world here. There isn’t much in the town but fairly enough for people to get about I feel. Two things they could work on: healthcare and uhm salons. A girl’s got to do her eyebrows yea. Teehee.

We are heading off to Polonnaruwa tomorrow, to ruin what is left of it. Saw what I did there? Haahaaaa. I think the tranquility is making me quite happy and messing with my normalcy. Lols. That is if I had something on those lines to start with. Teehee.

For the absence of justification and tags, I’m attaching a couple of pictures that I thought were pretty.

Have a good night ahead children and I hope your day was sunny.





The First Tuesday of September / Updates from the Box

Hello my lovelies!

Lookie. Vositha gave me flowers after the end of the workshop. SO MUCH LAU <3
Lookie. Vositha gave me flowers after the end of the workshop. SO MUCH LAU ❤

It is approximately 1558h on Monday September 01, 2014 (yes I want a Tuesday post okay?) and yay to blogging on the first MONDAY of the month! I’m super sorry for not writing anything sooner, I just checked and my last post was on August 18! Where did all the time go? 😦 I also realised that it’s been a while (three months exactly) since I did a “First Tuesday of the Month” post as well! Sigh sigh sigh. Erratic blogging habits are such a turn-off. Tsk. I apologise to anyone who bothers to read this silly, often un-proofread blog of mine and thank you as well for reading it regardless. So much lau to you! I will give you chocolates if required. Bribing is the key to a successful readership they tell me.

So while typing out one of these long-due posts, I thought of also including a couple of things I’ve been up to over the past few week, which I may or may not have spoken about on the bloggie. (I did start typing something out on my phone a few days ago, but alas, never managed to complete it.)

  1. I’m using numbers because I’m a sucker for lists like that.
  2. Work has been going good. Very good in fact. This is the current-status of things. I just got back from Nepal after a (uhm) workshop held for the region. It was well (uhm) good.
  3. Missed my flight from Nepal to India on Friday and as a result of ended spending unwanted time the Tribhuvan International Airport and flying in to India an hour before my connecting flight back home only to sign a form where the airport said that they were not responsible for our luggage if lost, only to have received it at the belt upon arrival in Colombo but then to have additional luggage to take home because of the excess of duty free shopping required for the household’s entertainment purposes. I did not use punctuation for a reason and I hope my frustration was conveyed.
  4. I still haven’t fully recovered from the weariness of the workshop, attending it and ensuring that everyone else attend it as well and then go home in one piece. All but myself and Vositha. HAHA. Whattajawkman.
  5. Continuing on the line of work, it’s going good for now. I’m still all over the place. I’m blaming it on the wretched 20s. God forbid, let’s hope the 30s are not half as bad.
  6. I am finally convinced of my ability to write. Hurrah.
  7. My consumption of “all” socially-accepted yet religiously-declined substances seem to be (steadily) on the rise. Eh.
  8. I am still losing enough hair that would ball up for thousands of wigs for the cancer hospital (I mean this in a nice way).
  9. I’ve been getting sick more often than I like to. Sigh. (and no one shows me enough sympathy. kakki.)
  10. I need a day off to think about life and what the fuck I’m doing with it.

Yes! I had to cook up the tenth point so that there is closure to this post. HAHA. Let me know what you lovelies have been up to! I hope you week is sunny 🙂

The Mandatory Tuesday Post

No, this isn’t mandatory. It’s something I agreed to bring upon myself and today, I failed to deliver. There are still two blogs I need to write, one drafted in “Posts” and the other in my head. Like most things in life, I suppose I would go ahead with it when I am able to work on it. Until then, I will write mediocre blogs like this one, from my phone, which I would also most probably not reread before publishing.
Life is starting to look like a series of unfinished blog posts. Work and things you mean to do, but never get around to due to multiple reasons and commitments. At some point, you start to wonder what your priorities are (or were) and where you went wrong and why you never completed and published that post.
Once you intend on completing the writing you began a while back, the train would’ve already passed and you might be the only one left at the station.

But here’s to us,
Our unfinished posts,
The ability to wake up tomorrow,
and battle out yesterday’s ghosts.

P.S. – this hasn’t been reread, I might get about to it, eventually, when it is sunnier.

The Story about Why I Dislike Rain

Hello Tuesday babies! 🙂

Happy Eid! ❤

So here in the sunny bunny isle of Sri Lanka, the rains have decided to come down on us. Now, for those who know me, you also know that I do not like the rain. Or cold weather. Or gloomy weather. Or you know.

Me, when it rains. (c) Google Images

Somehow the rain makes me sad. Yes, I know the little jawk of God and the angels crying and I am not claiming to be either *teehee* but, the rain is really really sad. Moreover, the gloomy weather it accompanies is so super unproductive. For having been a staunch Marxian advocate since my uni years (in the context of productivity of course, I will still have more than twenty pairs of shoes, thank you very much) the rain creates a desire to not work or in the case of today (Monday, where I actually write this post), work under gloomy weather and make horrendous mistakes that are well beyond redemption.

Yes, now I feel doubly miserable and I blame it on the weather.

Interestingly, among the few things I remember from my three-year long university education was the psychology lesson on Seasonal Affective Disorder. I hyperlinked for the lazy, you are welcome.

Not that I am overtly sunny and claim to be the advocate of all things sunshine, but when I learnt about this in uni, trust me when I tell you that it spoke to me! Duh. It obviously did because I still remember it noh. lol.

So, rainy days do get me down. So does cold weather. But the story of cold weather is also greatly influenced by my sinuses. See cold weather makes my sinuses clog up and as a result I cannot hear nor smell and become a very old grandma until the sun takes my woes away.

But I know rain is important and there are gazillions who enjoy being married to Eskimos so kudos to you all.

Leave me with my sun and I shall be happy.

P.S.: –

Two-hundred posts. Weee! (c) Google Images