Of Conformity

The importance of this post knows no bounds. Last night’s post is still sitting in my drafts.

While studying for my supplementary slash back paper in psychology last night I read that frustration is caused by others who block or keep you from reaching a particular goal. Whereas stress is caused by more individualistic reasons such as procrastination. So it is frustration that a certain individual maybe subject to at this moment in time.

So the two-day bandh. Or strike. Await my next post for that. See what I did there. Winks. The newspapers this morning said that there private institutions were not functioning, or in reality this would be translated to the decision being at the discretion of the said private institution. So the one I attend, decided to have college. Since it is a norm to work on holidays.

My roommate and I drag our bums out of bed and drag our feet – in a three-wheeled vehicle – to college. I attend college and then there are almost half of them saying that they don’t want to attend class. My only question being, “IF YOU DID NOT WANT TO ATTEND CLASS OR WANTED A HOLIDAY, WHY THE FUCK DID YOU NOT STAY AT HOME?” There are some of us who either need attendance – given the required 85% – or genuinely enjoy attending class and learn something. There are a few of us who are not intelligent enough to read and learn things on their own. WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM.

I don’t think I ever could conform to the likings of a majority, or in this case the voice of the dominant few. Solidarity never seemed to function well in the contexts I was a subject to.

I still don’t understand why some people are unable to understand the purpose in which they decided to come to college, which is to learn and do whatever else that you can do while being a student.

I think I need to go dancing.


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