#3 India Posting

Yes. Another one of the many late nights. Many late nights that have passed and of that are yet to come. As in the case of last night, work awaits, yet the Art must go on. It is the solace for those of us who seek it.

Today I did not learn, but realised that life and time are elements that – as I do not wish to generalise – take for granted. It is not as though I have much of it left with me, given its unpredictable nature. Yet I do not do anything with it, or about it. Because I take time for granted. Because I start sentences with ‘because’.

It’s been a few abstract days. Abstract why, I do not know. I do not wish to know. It is most convenient not knowing why.

It may be stringed together with the thought of going back. I am beginning to find my ‘self’, or at least I think I am starting to. Or at least like to think thus. Shoos away the hollowness easily.

Or it might even be a mixture of thoughts floating about, like most of my answer scripts. There is no will power to summon. Submission, seems to be the word of the day.

I blame this on the twenty-something-fucked-up-ness.


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