Giving Thanks 2020 – Week Ten

I did jinx it and now it is no longer a ‘Monday’ thing – haha!

Here is a list of things that I am grateful for the past few days.

02nd March 2020

I did manage to wake up early and work on something I hadn’t last night because I was lazy, haha. We did some vegetable and fish shopping, my friend Thilina was back in the vegetable shop, thank heavens. Came home, cooked and did a bit of work. Still up at 01:46 am and probably going to regret it tomorrow, but we are checking things off the list, so yay!

03rd March 2020

It was one of those so-so days really, we all have those noh. I slept a bit late yesterday after helping a friend with some work, managed to wake up on time (early) for a work gig and got there juuusssttt in time despite ridiculous amounts of traffic – kudos to not falling asleep in traffic. I saw two accidents happen in front of me probably kept me up out of fear even lol. Finished the work thing much earlier than expected yay and decided not to workout and go home early, so glad I did because I was home by 06pm and FINALLY MANAGED TO WASH MY HAIR, phew. But yes, nothing too exciting on this side of the world except for seeing vehicles kiss each other at 07:30 am.

04th March 2020

I watched Parasite today! It was my first Korean film, in a film hall no less. It was quite an interesting film to watch. Overall, it turned out to be quite a pleasant evening 🙂

05th March 2020

Boy, I’m exhausted. Even while writing this in retrospect, I’m still exhausted.

Going through my pictures, I now recall that I ordered dessert for myself to combat exhaustion. This was the first time I’ve ordered dessert of Uber Eats, how times have changed.

It was terribly sweet and probably exactly what I wanted. Bonus, it arrived in 15 minutes with minimum delivery fee.

Also going through my pictures, I just found out that I made dinner this night. Oh boy.

06th March 2020

I stayed in today as I wasn’t feeling 100% and also had to finish up on some things from home. To say it was a productive day at home, it understating it.

I also managed to do some shopping and have biryani for lunch!

Did you know that there was a Banana Leaf in Maharagama? And no, I didn’t finish everything because I didn’t have a bed and your girl needed to be awake to drive herself home.

07th March 2020

Hung out with DIli today again and also hit the city to hang out with some friends after. Turns out, going out on weekends isn’t toooo bad after all? I don’t know who is even typing this rn.

Oh and finally got my car cleaned! After a few new body parts and cleaning, she almost looks news!

<I have a really cool slo-mo video of this but my current WP plan doesn’t support videos>

08th March 2020

Went on an overnight trip with some of the girls from school. It’s been a while since I was out of Colombo let alone with a group. I’m happy to say that my anxiety behaved.

Also, while the staff was awful at this place, THEIR BUNS WERE TO DIE FOR. I MIGHT JUST GO BACK JUST FOR THOSE BUNS.

I wasn’t lying about the buns. I got the last mini-fish bun and boy that was great.

09th March 2020

It’s a Poya (holiday) yay. I got back from the trip and managed to do quite a bit of work and errands and even make some extremely impressive devilled (ish) chicken and an egg and corn fried rice for tomorrow.

So tell me, what were you grateful for these past few days?


PS – I have a Facebook page that I’m still not too comfortable throwing around, but want you all to (secretly) know about 🙂

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