Giving Thanks 2020 – Week Nine

Not to jinx it, but I think I’m back to making it a ‘Monday’ thing. Here is a list of things that I am grateful for the past few days.

24th February 2020

Blogged today. Got an old payment, which helped me hit a small savings goal, yay. Ate too much food in general, which might be a good thing because I haven’t been eating as much – unless it happens to be apples of cereals – and ended up having a nap from 7-9pm, only to wake up and have *unsurprisingly* cereal for dinner. Not a bad Monday overall.

25th February 2020

I am grateful for just life in itself, was at another funeral today and while it wasn’t anyone I really knew, it meant a lot to know that my favourite people are still with me. Also grateful to connectivity/the Internet. My work is less ‘remote’ now, but I am still able to send some emails and reply to any client work in between traffic (absolutely stationary traffic, not the moving ones) and know that the Internet has made a lot of these things possible.

26th February 2020

Was to meet friends for a film and dinner, but one of them fell really sick and we didn’t meet. So instead, I booked myself a Reformer class (I bought a 12-pack of non-expiring class passes from Barressential in November) which was preceded by a gym session. I also had fruits for dinner because my appetite wasn’t sitting right. And no, I’m not trying to be a new person – haha!

27th February 2020

I knew I would be working till late today, so I didn’t drive today and didn’t feel like working out in the gym, so instead I did a 4km walk to Borella and took a bus home from there. It was very enjoyable. I have tremendous respect for those who commute by bus every day to work and back, especially in work clothes and no backpack.

28th February 2020

Went for another Pilates class today making it the third workout for the week. What a win!

Also the start of a very ‘wild’ weekend. Leap years probably do this to people? I went to my favourite pub after nearly two months, I last went there on December 31st. My anxiety stayed in check, even though my alcohol consumption was limited, not just because I was driving but because I have been an awful drunk lately. After the pub visit, I went to another party of sorts? Someone’s farewell and there I was. I was surprised with myself!

29th February 2020

Hung out with friend Dili during the morning hours today catching up on life and whatnot. I could not believe how social I was even becoming (just for this weekend, I promise I’ll go back to the little cave in the jungle).

I also probably spoke too soon about my anxiety yesterday because it came this evening (after I got back from Dili’s), in full force, haha. It’s sad, but it’s also really funny, especially given how confident I was about these things. I still managed to go to a former colleague’s house party, which I wasn’t sure if I would fit in, but I met friends from all over the place, internet, real life, family friends and friends of friends and had some nice decent conversations! But the night didn’t stop there and I went out after that as well and had a ball of a time. Man. I think I might have hit my ‘partying’ quota now, and it’s probably time to hibernate for another two months.

Overall though, it was a wonderful weekend of sorts.

01st Match 2020

It’s a new month! Time is certainly moving faster than I would like it to, but what’s my nagging going to do anything about it? Haha.

I did manage to sleep in and calm down about all that happened over the weekend, phew. So that’s a good way to start my March, right?

So tell me, what were you grateful for these past few days?


PS – I have a Facebook page that I’m still not too comfortable throwing around, but want you all to (secretly) know about 🙂


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