Giving Thanks 2020 – Weeks Seven and Eight

No promises, but starting next week I just might start doing this weekly without combining the week. I hope. No promises, like I said. But here is a list of things that I am grateful for the past few days.

Also, on the 10th of February, I did a small change to the daily post, in case you missed it there!

10th February 2020

I stayed in because I was sick. I didn’t want anyone else at work getting sick because of me and a few people at work actually had travels scheduled.

11th February 2020

Another day, another hospital run. Cousin’s reports are okay. Just to figure out what’s wrong though.

12th February 2020

I stayed in again today, yesterday’s hospital run didn’t do any good and on top of that, Mum is sick too. In other news, I got a Gifted order (see below)! It’s funny how you are given things in the universe when you are not even looking for it.

13th February 2020

Wrote a blog post and caught up/updated my finances, gratitude lists and other little excel sheets that I began tracking. Phew. Some progress.

14th February 2020

Went ahead with the Gifted Valentine’s Day order for Gifted. It felt so nice to have someone reach out, even when you are not actively promoting things. Probably it’s time to rethink a few things…

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💕 Happy Valentine’s Day! 🥰 . . . . We’ve been a bit quiet here because, if we are being honest, there simply isn’t just enough time. While we started this almost five years ago purely because we loved putting gift packages together, there wasn’t enough time or sometimes even the money to invest in it. . . . And as competition grew and similar pages started popping up, we took an (un)conscious step back because we couldn’t keep up. Our prices were more expensive than others because we couldn’t buy in bulk because we actually believe that “gift boxes” are not always the most personalised gifts. While there is nothing wrong with it, our philosophy differs from it. When you place an order with us, we take some time to speak to you via email/text/DM back and forth to find out more details about the recipient and take time to curate gift packages that are meaningful. . . . To date, even five years after, our spirit of gift giving has not changed. It’s not about how expensive the gift is really, but it is about giving them something they would genuinely appreciate. Of course having it nicely packaged is great, but as we also celebrate this day of love today, as with all the other days of love in a year, it comes down being aware of what’s on the inside, even in a gift box. . . . So you could say that we were pleasantly surprised after about nearly a year of not posting here on Instagram and being inactive on social media in general, when an old client, since 2017, reached out and asked if we could do a quick Valentine’s Day gift package for his wife. Being honest, we were unprepared, yet thrilled to take on this and even have some of our favourite @totesbrownies in the basket. . . . ✨✨✨Here’s to 2020, a new year of new ideas and fresh starts. ✨✨✨

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15th February 2020

Painting has been happening for a while now and today we did my room, my bathroom and Akki’s bathroom. Boy, this was exhausting. It’s fair to say that I can’t feel my legs.

I’ll update a picture of the room, it’s pretty much the same really, with minor changes, once the other shelf goes up.

16th February 2020

I slept till 12 pm, sigh. My poor Mother helped the painter with moving things about. I did, however, manage to sneak in a quick walk/climb to the temple near our house, a place we’ve been wanting to go since we moved in here for good nearly 04 years ago. There were some steps and fewer monkeys (yay). Probably a nice little workout I can get in every once in a way.

I should probably start editing pictures that I upload on WordPress! Haha.

Also managed to run some errands – saw an epic sunset against a little waterbody too while driving to grandma’s – and come back home and even do chores.

Yay, youth.

17th February 2020

Just another Monday. Ooh, Mum was gifted with Keells vouchers!

18th February 2020

Grateful for healthcare workers like Amanda, Sabith and mental healthcare worker like Nivendra. Thank you for being of service to many like ourselves and those who we cannot reach out to ourselves.

What were you grateful for these past few days?


PS – I have a Facebook page that I’m still not too comfortable throwing around, but want you all to (secretly) know about 🙂


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