Week Six: Giving Thanks

Hello all you beautiful people,

How are you doing this lovely Tuesday? There hasn’t been much that happened the past week mostly due to shortcomings from yours truly, sigh. But here’s to been hopeful, alcohol and all good things in life.

Here are what I am thankful for this week:

  1. Family: We had a family dinner party on Friday and contrary to popular belief, I had tonnes of fun! (even the cleaning up part after the party was over!) Step-dad decided to fire up EDM towards the end of the party and need I say more? <content emoji>
  2. Dancing: I’ve been doing a lot of this in my room the past week. I think I will gradually integrate this into my workout routine! 😀
  3. Meeting new people: (hint: I picked up two very hot hijabis 😉 More on these pretties soon!)
  4. Cooking: Besides yoga, I’ve been cooking a lot more than I did before (at home). Reminds me of my India days and moreover, it is therapeutic and I could do with a lot of that.
  5. Listening to Norah Jones while driving home on a Sunday evening, all by myself: :’)

Giving Thanks

What are you thankful for this week?

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