Let’s Go Back to India

I couldn’t title this as soon as I started writing and that’s weird. I usually think­ of the title before I start writing and clearly that didn’t happen this time around. Haw. I also started using WriteMonkey. Neat piece of meat this is. So last night, I missed India. Okay, I’ve been missing India for a while now. Seriously considering Masters there, but there is … Continue reading Let’s Go Back to India

#5 India Posting: One for the Teachers

“Eliminate the impossible, and whatever remains, however improbable, is the truth.” –          Luka and the Fire of Life – Salman Rushdie Sickness brings out the worst in you. Okay I take that back. A lot of things bring out the worst in you. But sickness, physical ailment makes you think of things once impossible. The above quote was something that played in mind while reading … Continue reading #5 India Posting: One for the Teachers

#4 India Posting: People on the Side of the Road

For Issa. An ardent ‘fan’ – he says – of my writing. Yay readership.  When I start off with the infamous line, “This has been a long time coming” I trace it back to a few weeks ago. India leaving-time is coming and you know how we all hate transition. Also, I know that my previous ‘India Posting’ well posts haven’t had any subtitles but … Continue reading #4 India Posting: People on the Side of the Road

Of Conformity

The importance of this post knows no bounds. Last night’s post is still sitting in my drafts. While studying for my supplementary slash back paper in psychology last night I read that frustration is caused by others who block or keep you from reaching a particular goal. Whereas stress is caused by more individualistic reasons such as procrastination. So it is frustration that a certain … Continue reading Of Conformity