Table for One

I’m writing an additional post because I feel generous like that. Haha. (I like how I speak as though my audience is humungously large. Oh little pleasures) Also, quick apology on the home page layout, I wanted the “December Diaries” logo out there but clearly it is looking shitty. Will sort it out slowly. I am also seriously considering a domain name purchase, hmm.

So, as part of #BloggingTuesdays I thought of writing on my solitude-driven moment from last night. When I ended last night’s post, the plan was to get sloshed but that didn’t happen noh. Instead I thought of getting a bottle home and drinking alone while watching a movie, but then it was a meh moment so I went for dinner instead. Went to one of my all time favourite Italian places but sadly they had only pizza, because it was only the “pizza chef” who was available on duty. Meh. I was marginally offended when they thought I could eat an entire nine-inch pizza by myself. I mean uhm not to uhm, seriously?

Instead, I went to another recent favourite Italian place and well, they sat me a nice quaint corner.

#ProTip : When dining alone, do not sit with your back to the restaurant, even though this seems more “private”, it becomes a leelte inconvenient to distract a waiter. I mean your chances of flashing also are less noh, as distraction methods of course. 

I was craving ravioli and alcohol, but I don’t think they have a liquor license (nor do they want to be breeding potential alcoholics like myself. lol) and asked for hot chocolate instead. I mean it’s Christmas noh and I’m mainstream and vain like that.

I brought along with me the book I’m currently reading (which deserves a post of its own <3) and honestly did not feel the time go by, but half an hour later my stomach did. Meh. The food did finally arrive and it was pretty good, the sauce could’ve been thicker if I say so myself, but it was a delightful meal and heavens, I was hungry!

Please note that I’m not mentioning names because it’s not a “review” per se 🙂

The lady who runs the restaurant was very apologetic about the entire affair, (apparently it’s that time of the year when chefs of Italian restaurants go on leave 😮 ) and said that I get dessert on the house.

It was the moment of truth.

Do I tell her that I don’t like sweets or do I accept it as a token of apology without being the usual bitch I am?

Well, I opted for the latter because I’m nice like that 😉 *batters eyelashes*

I asked for Tiramisu because it is one of my favourite desserts sitting on par with baked Alaska and yay for it being available. I was also aware that a hot chocolate was on the way and it would be an overdose of chocolate but alas. I had it all anyway. *glutton moment*

Also interestingly, my hot chocolate arrived after my meal. For those who know me, I usually drink (any beverage) with my meal and this was an entirely “new” experience and after it followed the Tiramisu! Dang girl. I didn’t manage to finish the dessert as the sugar rush was not what I was used to, though I must admit that it was some pretty good Tiramisu. But then again, I’m neither a foodie nor have I had Tiramisu in more than ten places but it was pretty good mostly coz it wasn’t too sweet. *thumbs up*

Another thing I realised was that I ate very slowly. Now I am not the “savour” your food types because eating is more chore-ish for my than an act of enjoyment. But I had to eat very slowly (because the food was very hot, lol – and) as I had no work or responsibilities or curfew or whatever to look forward to. My folks were away at a wedding far far away and I knew there wasn’t anything urgent I had to look into and probably for the first time in a very long time I really enjoyed what I was eating, probably because I ate with a p(i)e(a)ce of mind, literally.

If you reallyyy want to know where I went, let me know. I highly recommend this place for solo-dining (which I might do quite frequently in future) as the restaurant is run by a sane and non-judgemental bunch.

Until evening.

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