On Missing India

The guilty watermelon that caused unnecessary havoc.
The guilty watermelon that caused unnecessary havoc.

So I’m sipping on some tea and got myself some watermelon for lunch and sigh, I missed India. I use my favourite pink bowl as well, the very one I did use while I lived there. The only difference to the image I tried to replicate was that Watermelon Sundays (or lazy days) would accompany coffee, if it were during the morning hours of the day.

It’s been a while since the nostalgia hit. It’s been a long while for a not-very nostalgic person. Sure there are times when I do get the sniffles and mull over what once was. But this somehow proved to be a tad bit different. More than dwelling in the moment from the past, I wanted to crawl back into the little shelter I built while I lived in Bangalore.

Life was easy there. Mama sent money, my job was to live and get through exams. I did ‘wander’ yes, like the time I began reading GoT the week before my second year finals, but life was good. Life was not complicated and above all, things were easy.

I say this out loud to anyone who would listen. Never hesitate to be alone and better, to be away. I know it’s a very selfish voice of reasoning that resonates after that sentence but, at the end of the day, life is constant progression of being alone. (I read that off Thought Catalog once)

A wise man I was once very attached to told me never to have regrets in life. I don’t and Heaven forbid, I don’t intend to. But if there was a time I could relive, in forever, I think India is where it would be. One of my next posts would ironically be on why I wouldn’t want to time travel. Tsk.


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