What They Don’t Tell You about Working from Home

For most of (what I will reveal through this post) the part, I work from home. Or not “home” in its traditional sense, but let’s just reword it to, “alternate workspace”, because I more often than not sit occasionally at “workspaces” mercilessly hogging their wifi or grace a series of coffee shops. Very rarely do I now work from “home” as we know it, as there are one too many meetings happening in the “City” #SuburbanGirl and the house was in need of a chauffeur. I volunteered for the latter as this not only helped me cut down my travel costs but also helped me ensure the money saved was spent on exorbitantly priced coffee. Continue reading What They Don’t Tell You about Working from Home

The Truth about Being Home Alone

and the reality most people fail to see.  First up, WordPress, do consider having subtitles, maybe? Second, I’m taking a ‘writerly break’ while at work okay. I don’t usually have lunch – no, I’m not on a diet as I don’t believe in them. Just that I have a horrid appetite coz of gastritis and therefore eat every ten hours or something on those lines. … Continue reading The Truth about Being Home Alone

On Combatting Writer’s Bloc

I write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired at 9 am every morning.  – Peter DeVries Was the quote I put up on Skype. Not because I’m cool or anything, hell no, but because I was looking for ways to distract myself and I was at work and that reduced the number of possibilities I could’ve otherwise employed to distract … Continue reading On Combatting Writer’s Bloc