Giving Thanks 2020 – Weeks Twenty-Seven to Thirty-One

Where has the time gone, my friends? I last wrote on the 28th of June and now we are in August. I’ll try to make this regular, but no promises. Life is just too crazy. But hey, if there is any consolation, I’ve been writing more? And drinking even more.

NB – A lot of the following might be in retrospect so bear with me.

29th June 2020

My Mum for filling my quota of required drugs. I get a bit a nauseous after dinner on most nights – definitely not pregnant, and need something to keep the food inside. And yes, we might have acquired a new drug problem.

30th June 2020

What a long day at work. It was definitely the battle of meetings.

01st July 2020

It’s July? How. Why. When? Today, I met up with some friends for dinner.

02nd July 2020

Yara, the love of my life was born – probably the best thing that has happened this year or in a long long time.

I also went out and new people today. A very strange, terrifying experience that I might even do again, hopefully?

03rd July 2020

So many things. I’ve never been this exhausted, terrified and delighted all at the same time – we had the first call with my niece/daughter/love of my life.

Someone came home to see my car. We put it up for sale, but I don’t know if it would, I’m also confused about it altogether.

04th July 2020

It was a chilled Saturday spend indoors with food, tea and biscuits.

05th July 2020

Meal prepped for the week!

06th July 2020

Did some mandatory Monday-night drinking to fall asleep better.

07th July 2020

Learnt more about the terrible plight of expat locals in Dubai waiting to come home. I could not be more grateful for everything I have now and what my sister has there too. At the same time, I feel so inadequate in helpless in all I could do.

08th July 2020

I don’t know if I would eat this yet, but this chicken curry came out well. And from what I heard we will be having this tomorrow with basmati and the cashew curry I made over the weekend.

Lowkey proud.

09th July 2020

Did some grilled fish over Keells EZY rice. Quite happy with how it turned out.

EZY Rice
I think my EZY rice game is pretty rad, if I say so myself.

10th July 2020

My sister sent my Mother some flowers because she is a beautiful person. My sister is also an amazing human being.

My sister is just a wonderful person

11th July 2020

Caught a magical sunset on my balcony.

Adobe Lightroom on mobile can do small wonders too.

12th July 2020

Had Subway for dinner.

13th July 2020

Had subway for lunch haha! Clearly, we have a problem.

Bought a whole lotta groceries from Keells and stocked up on soya meat until the next pandemic.

Had passion fruit juice with arrack at home and got drunk out of my mind. What a fantastic way to end my Monday. Also, we don’t really talk too much about how dangerously drunk you can get when drinking at home, alone, do we?

14th July 2020

We had some new tiling work that got completed upstairs.

15th July 2020

I wore an outfit to work that my sister was very much in approval of. It was important to dress the top half of my body because of these two virtual conferences, lol.

Had some paving work in the house complete too!

Please don’t mind my bed. I still haven’t gotten around to buying a mattress.

16th July 2020

Sneaked in a whole lot of alcohol to work. Well, not sneak in, but went out and bought some ahead of the weekend. Also, I have no idea why this entry is even here but it sounded real cheeky, haha.

Also did a pseudo mixed grill number at home.

17th July 2020

Wore another outfit to work that my sister was very much in approval of.

Ordered nasi goreng from Red Panda that I ended up sharing with THREE people, haha.

Paid for a long two-hour long cab ride all the way to Beruwela and it felt so great to not drive.

18th July 2020

Went to the beach after so long and found a not-too-shabby sunset to capture.

19th July 2020

Made tin-bolognese and spaghetti. Wasn’t as bad as I expected!

20th July 2020

The day started off with mad bloody rains. I also had DBU lamprais for lunch. What a fail.

Made some paneer butter masala I was low key proud of.

21st July 2020

Had a fish bun after so long!

22nd July 2020

Got a payment from an old client that I thought would never come in. Yay, money.

23rd July 2020

Wore another outfit to work that my sister was very much in approval of. Third virtual-workshop for the month completed.

Treated the office to some really great chocolate biscuit pudding to celebrate the end of the three workshops.

Also went out for drinks, wasn’t driving and was pleasantly hydrated.

Chocolate biscuit pudding cake
I’m just taking screenshots from Instagram stories now.

24th July 2020

Went plant shopping with Mum and saw a beautiful sunflower – featured image in my last blog post.

Treated my car to a new battery.

I woke up from the best nap I had in so long and now I feel like a new person.

25th July 2020

I started drinking from much earlier today, around 11:45 am, but it wasn’t to beat the stress, more so to finish the juice, haha. Cleaned the house and even managed to Skype with a friend. I also may have done some shopping.

26th July 2020

Forced myself to stay in bed until 11:00 am and did some pending tasks like clearing out my inboxes.

27th July 2020

Got some movement in.

Was also treated to cupcakes that I managed to give my grandparents.

28th July 2020

I may have done some more shopping.

29th July 2020

Got new hair!

New hair
I don’t really have a great picture so we have to roll with this one.

30th July 2020

Met one of my favourites for dinner. Also did some shopping!

31st July 2020

Took a day off (haven’t checked my mail yet!), did some shopping got Mum, had some cosmos at midday with a favourite friend, checked out the new Keells at Thalawatugoda and cooked a whole lot of food for tomorrow. Feeling very #blessed



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