Giving Thanks 2020 – Week Sixteen

It’s the mighty week of holidays and food experimentation!

13th April 2020 

Very random but spoke to my friend Estelle, for two hours yesterday! She was my Games Captain in school and overall mighty sportswoman and recently we became Twitter friends! My sister was confused about who I was on the phone with also, but it was nice to make friends who have similar interests! Also, I don’t think for the so many years I’ve known her that we’ve even chatted for as long lol.

Also made stuffed chillies for Mum. We have an abundance of capsicum in the house, and these are one of Mum’s favourites and since I’ll continue to treat her like the child(ren) I will never have, time to fatten her up! Haha.

14th April 2020 

Discovered some new music and my world turned around temporarily. Haha. Also made an overnight cider-marinated chicken, I think it was a hit.

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It’s been a hot minute since I posted anything here! But brace yourself, I just spent the last few hours sorting through pictures I've taken recently and yes, these will be ‘mostly’ pictures of food that I’ve made during the past few weeks. I’ve always enjoyed cooking (more on that on a later post – yes, lots of planning!) but I’ve been doing it for many years and didn't think it would be important to document. . . The next few posts will accompany (long) stories, more so lessons that I’ve learnt during this time – and no, this is not a cooking/food account, I just have a whole lot of pics now and they seem to have more interesting/relevant as opposed to the other pictures! . . Also, a disclaimer since these are important during these sensitive times, a lot of the food that I would feature in the posts to come are ones made with things we usually have at home. Since we live away from the city centre (by choice) and eat out quite less (by choice and lack of access) we always keep a stock of things that would be useful – also the war and long curfews conditioned my Mother for preparation, and well, eventually, me. I’m also quite keen on saving and frugality in general and I while I’m not extreme about it, I try to keep things to a minimum and tend to plan out my splurges, even on food. . . The first takeaway during this time is on innovation and creativity. I had some cider with me that I had brought some time ago, but perhaps since the trek last year, I’ve been moving away from alcohol. I’m not mad about it, I was surprised initially, but now, I’ve grown to accept it and I suppose, people eventually change over time don’t they? However, I had these two bottles of cider with me and I decided to cook using one of the bottles on the 14th of April – the other I kept while for a Skype chat with a friend because online drinking is all the rage now. Now, I have added wine to pasta a few years ago but beer/cider was completely new and I am well, not one who is always up for rapid change. So in true Seni style, I took time, researched and well the end product turned out to be overnight marinated chicken with mashed potatoes and I must say, we were not disappointed.

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15th April 2020 

We didn’t get kavum kokis from our neighbours, but Mr Edirisinghe did give us some mangoes. Also, I got on Medium!

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16th April 2020 

My aunt passed away early this morning after a long struggle with diabetes.

I managed to work out today and build a little routine, let’s hope this sticks. I also made some banana pillows (Last week’s update had a picture of this followed by the dosi).

17th April 2020 

I worked out again today. We also bought some bread from the චූන් පාන් dude.

I submitted an article to Lockdown Journal and it got selected. Yay, me.

16 April, Kaduwela, Sri Lanka

18th April 2020 

Johnny Depp released a song! Instagram is also his first-ever social media account. Whoa.

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sent with love from @jeffbeckofficial and me

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I also made bread pudding in a rice cooker – thanks Milan for the reference!

I haven’t uploaded this to Instagram just yet so this would have to do.

19th April 2020 

Spoke to an old friend for nearly 06 hours on SKYPE – of all places! It was good fun and speaking to someone outside of my family for that long didn’t seem too intimidating, so yay?

So tell me, what were you grateful for these past few days?




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