Giving Thanks 2020 – Week Fifteen

The start of a whole week of holidays. We might be on a curfew but one must never lose their sense of time and must always take note of holidays!

06th April 2020 

Discovered some chocolate coated almonds dates that were supposed to be given to some family member, but since we hadn’t I guess it’s up for consumption now. I also began working on an inventory of things we have at home on Google sheets with the help of my excel-whiz sister.

These were supposed to be gifted to a family member but that never happened and I really wanted some chocolate.

Also made the first tin of Milkmaid iced coffee (we have four with us that Mum bought ahead of time for an event that well, was cancelled) in the absence of instant coffee to get on the Dalgona Coffee bandwagon.

7th April 2020 

We got not one but two Cargills orders of the same thing. I may or may not have ordered 20 packets of salt while being upset with Keells that Saturday morning…

8th April 2020 

Since I’m writing this in retrospect I have no idea what happened. Probably was recovering from all what happened yesterday.

9th April 2020 

Rockland Distilleries manufactures hand sanitiser!

Also, our Lanka Agri Produce Management Corporation order came in and we saw (and ate) fruits after so long.

Fruits and veges
These were so good, they lasted for over a month!

Also a long day of work calls, I died. Bonus point though, I made some cutlets!

10th April 2020 

Fried an egg in the shape of the island combatting climate change. #QualityContent

11th April 2020 

I know I advocate for frugal cooking and this too was not done with a lot of ingredients but tonight was about celebrating four years of being in our house and completing the construction of it and finding out about the pregnancy of a very close friend.

Garlic and lemon beef, honey glazed pineapples and stove-top potato gratin

I also completed an overdue stop-motion video and took pictures for a new stop-motion video that I might hopefully complete soon.

12th April 2020 

I made pineapple dosi and not so bad chapatis! I also took on Akki’s advise and began compiling a little cook/recipe book.

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So, culture. . . That sounds like a loaded topic even before I can write more on it. For those who know me, I don’t have a lot of ties to my cultural roots, religion, customs and traditions – yes, I know that these are not meant to be used interchangeably. Sure I would respect them but it doesn’t mean I would follow them – this would include boiling milk on the first day of the year among others. On similar lines, I also don’t pay as much attention to authenticity in food because I think we are so integrated with society and different communities that it is impossible to truly capture these authentic flavours. But hey, if you are able to do it, good on you. I just think it is promising to look into what the future holds, with a combination of these infused flavours as opposed to holding on to what’s old, dear, and ‘authentic’. . . So when I set out to make ‘pineapple dosi’ it was partially by the memory of what my grandaunt used to make in the 90s and the vision I had of her sitting on a little බංකුව hunched over the cauldron, moving around the contents of the saucepan with a wooden spoon. She was a big lady so this is a very dramatised memory for me. For years now I’ve been wanting to make dosi but wasn’t able to for a number of reasons – we don't always bring pineapple home, who had the time, Mum wasn't free etc. Since this was around the New Year and time was of abundance, I did some Googling and came across @islandsmile178's recipe. I did some modifications to it because I am not great at following recipes and was quite pleased with the outcome. . . The second picture is of 'banana pillows' – even @marthastewart has a recipe on it! I remember @sabina16 telling me how she really liked this particular dish and while I'm sure of having eaten it somewhere, the taste and flavour wasn't familiar to me, as it was with the dosi. So a few days after the success of the dosi, and with some help from Martha, Jehan and some creativity, I managed to use a single overripe banana, sugar and flour and turn it into these fluffy balls and also make some caramel syrup to eat along with it. . . Overall, I think the Malay side of the family might be pleased. Even for a day 🌟

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So tell me, what were you grateful for these past few days?




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