Giving Thanks 2020 – Week One

Yes, I’m committing to it! I will hopefully start documenting all good things/things that I am grateful for in 2020, regardless of ungrateful things/life might seem to me at that moment.

Here is what I am grateful for this week.

30th December 2019

Met a really great tuk driver when I was travelling between work meetings and this one I thought went above and beyond for me. He came from the other side of the road to pick me up and did almost a 90-degree turn for me to go to the ATM. We spoke about people with disabilities and poverty and how no matter what, courage and determination helps overcome these things and it was probably one of the best conversations I could’ve started my week with and definitely a great end to the year. I hope he goes far in life.

31st December 2019

On 31/12 I was grateful to see people get ready for the new year. Be it cleaning up their storefronts, cutting off and cleaning advertisements and banners from 2019 or just going home with a new pot to buy milk, new broom and provisions. We ourselves bought a new broom. It was funny because I bought it and I’m not really a “new year” person but I know my mum is so since I live with her, why not make her happy?

I also went out today. On my own, to see the fireworks. It was the single most wonderful thing I had done for myself in a long time and for the first time in a very long time, I neither felt overwhelmed by the number of people around or harassed by anyone! WHAT A WIN. It was so good that I even wrote about it over here.

January 01st 2020

Happy New Year my loves!

I started a public-ish gratitude logging journal that I hope to put together into something meaningful by the end of the year. In a matter of three hours I had twelve responses not counting my own. I also blogged for three days in a row.

January 02nd 2020

I started doing some work that’s kind of out of my comfort zone. Bought (Mum paid lol) a new light thing for my bathroom – I’ll put a nice image or GIF of it once I’ve done my eyebrows. Had three meals today! (to clarify, I usually eat only about two, depending on hungry I am/not hungry I am but today was a hungry day)

January 03rd 2020

It was an exhausting day/week. I’m actually awaiting the weekend.

January 04th 2020 

Met my Grama Sevaka Niladhari (a village officer responsible for my locality) and did some PR building with her. We got our new gate and the outdoor light setup that we’ve been dreaming about forever. I also managed to sleep in for 12 hours.

here is a potato quality picture of the great outdoors

January 05th 2020

I managed to finish quite a bit of my backlog work and feel not in the least rested despite sleeping in. But it’s a new week and a short week too thanks to the Friday Poya. 

What were you grateful for this week?



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