But how do I (continue to) remain grateful?

Yes, I missed my self-imposed, twice a week blogging deadline but it’s been exhausting. I’m drained. My sleeping is okay but I when I wake up I hardly feel refreshed. It’s been weeks since I got back from the mountains and things have not been slowing down. I’m no longer hustling, I’m just (barely) getting by. In case you are struggling to complete 800 things before 2019 ends, here are some of my takeaways and hopefully they would be of help.

  1. Not the best way to start, but I keep reminding myself of my privilege. I’m incredibly fortunate to be doing the work I do, sometimes from home, sometimes in an office environment minus the office ‘attire’ (in Havaianas no less) and even working to mostly save for a goal and not necessarily for survival. For me, this reminder keeps me grounded.
  2. I also remind myself that I have a choice. A lot of the things I do, I don’t do it because I have to do it, but because I have the choice/I want to do it. I sound spoilt when I say that and honestly, I probably am. But it’s a life I choose to build for myself and it takes some amount of reminding to know that I am (kind of) living the dream.
  3. The year has been rough, but it’s also been okay, really, it has. 2019 was a big year of learning, challenges and heartbreak, and regardless of how shitty it might’ve been from the outside, it was pretty spectacular. I pushed myself to limits I thought that wasn’t possible, emotionally and physically and I survived. So I guess it’s all an upward climb from here.
  4. “I don’t have to do 800 things at the same time.” Listen, I do mean to gloat about my luck and privilege and boy oh boy does that last word find itself thrown around like trash these days, but I can stop when it gets overwhelming. I can take a break. Heck, if I tell myself that it’s too much, I can even take a nap.
  5. Finally, I am creating. I am writing, doing a bit of video, dabbling with some other stuff and trying to find a place of comfort and content. It’s not great, but I think it’s a good place to start.

I’m not sure how helpful that was, but these little reminders have been like the yellow highlighter markings on a textbook. Find your reminders and keep telling them to yourself, over and over again.

Also, I do a little curated “sunny thoughts” list on weekdays. Here is how you can sign up.


PS – I have a Facebook page that I’m still not too comfortable throwing around, but want you all to (secretly) know about 🙂

One thought on “But how do I (continue to) remain grateful?

  1. Super Stuff Seni :)…Wish you kept more in touch or had the time to share them with me…Sincerely hope you are well and whatever ups and downs keep your head help up high just like how I have tried to..Fall down 7 times get up 8 times..



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