Week Twenty-Seven: Giving Thanks

Yes, I did almost forgot today’s post. 😮

Who cannot when half the country is seemingly on vacation and all you end up doing is catching up on work!

Not a lot went down last week, but I did manage to sneak in half a mini-holiday somewhere in between because let’s face it, I may have died out of exhaustion if not. Or just lived, to be a very miserable person.

I escaped to the cold-land, which isn’t really my cup of tea on usual circumstances but hey, life is all about new experiences yes, yes, noh?

(A) room(s) with a view, literally.
(A) room(s) with a view, literally.

I am genuinely thankful for having taken the mini-holiday because, like the lovely Surovi says, it helps put things in perspective and it sure did. It also helped clear my mind of things that I should ideally not be bothered by and did a whole lot of good overall.

It may have also stirred in me the travel bug that was buried somewhere within, I don’t know.

I mean dam(n), who cannot get enough of Victoria?
I mean dam(n), who cannot get enough of Victoria?

Keeping this short because work lies ahead and well, a generic word of thankfulness seems more than sufficient at the moment.

I hope all you babies are well.

Giving Thanks

What are your thankfuls for this week?

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