Week Twenty-Six: Giving Thanks

Hello my beautiful people,

In this week’s account of thankfuls I choose to give thanks to one special person celebrating his birthday today: Nivendra. He and I have known each other since university days (with this chap being my senior and “Lankan” big brother – lol) and now a good friend and partner in “good” crime. haha.

If someone were to ask me why I am thankful for this chap, all I can say is, why not?

Not only has he helped me out back in the day, today, this boy is an inspiration to countless others, including myself. I reconnected with Nivendra this year when I was curious as to what Letter Earthlings was. Little did I know it was another initiative founded, funded and run by this boy.

We should all be thankful to Nivendra because of his ample generosity and kind heart. The latter of which often gets him and trouble more often than he knows. For people like Nivendra, it’s difficult to even put on a facade of being a cold-blooded person unlike some of us! 😀

He doesn’t need a lot of things in life. Just an abundance of stationery, washi tape, good food and maybe some weed and he’d be a happy boy. haha.

I hope you have a good day sunshine. Here’s to many more happy birthdays to come.

Giving Thanks

What are your thankfuls for this week?

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