Week Twenty-Eight: Giving Thanks

August 26, 2015

I officially did not post on Tuesday. Sigh. In my defence, I was travelling and writing my Tuesday posts the previous day does not seem likely anymore.

In Kalawana, Ratnapura.

September 01, 2015 

Clearly, the previous post did not see its way to the end either.

I’ve been horrible. Horrible at blogging. Horrible at keeping track of the work I’ve been taking on. Horrible at sleeping. Horrible at eating. Horrible at not having more than four shots of alcohol. Horrible at passing out (out of exhaustion and not drunkenness) standing, sitting half on the floor, while working, with the lights on and the list just goes on.

It’s September and I’m genuinely thrilled about it. Thrilled about the fact that a new month has passed by and that I actually made through it, alive. I think I’d be even more thrilled when September ends given the lists of unfinished work tasks and travels that await. (These are predominantly work travels, yes)

Hustle, is the word the Internet would title me with and that seems like what I’ve been doing since, well, May?

I don’t know but as far as work is concerned all I recall can be narrowed down to: meetings, emails, emails, lists, more lists, calls from people I’d rather not speak to, knocking off out of exhaustion, low pressure and sugar, exhaustion and just exhaustion-induced laziness.

Now that the ranting and excuses are done, let us resume with this week’s list of thankfuls:

  1. 2015: Has been a blessed year so far. There have been a few times when the year did get to me yes, but then that is normal noh. Work has been more than good and life seems to have taken pleasant turns since the second half of this year. The adventure seems like a fun one.
  2. Travel(ling): Never thought this would make it in to the list of thankfuls but hey, what do you know! I’ve been privileged I would say, to travel as part of work this year and did see many places within the country that I may have simply overlooked before.
  3. People: are universal creatures of happiness, wonderment and respect. Despite differences in culture, location and sometimes language; people always find solidarity in just being I don’t know, people and that common human nature to be, human.
  4. Family and friends: have been my main sources of strength, food and transportation. Haha. They’ve also been crazy supportive and tolerant of everything that has happened so far this year. Also, big shout out to the “new” friends I’ve made this year as well.
  5. Love: because who wouldn’t be thankful for it, now? 🙂

Giving Thanks

What are your thankfuls for this week?

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