Week Sixteen: Giving Thanks

Hello lovelies!

How has your week been?

Mine’s been a little crazy as per most of the past weeks. It’s good indeed, I wouldn’t say no, but it’s come down to a choice between either working to stay sane or taking a break to think things to death, and we all know that an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

Here are my list of thankfuls for this week:

  1. Family and friends: because my introvert tells me I need people in my life and they are always there for me. ❤
  2. My new routine: I tried a new work-routine of sorts where I attempted to balance out money-making-work, non-money-making work, yoga and chores and I think it worked out well ish, so woots!
  3. Sobriety: Like what, yes? Being thankful to no-alcohol? haha. I’ve actually been quite sober since of recent and I’m putting it down to the overload of work (and lack of time thereby), exhaustion and age in that particular order.
  4. Good music: Particularly, this song that has been my go-to motivation song. Trust me, it’s been that sort of a week where I seek motivation from external sources.
  5. Life in general: I speak of this in my May Favourites and I cannot help but think that my increased appreciation of life has also led me to think steadily of death and other related things as well, because everything around us work in binaries – or so I like to believe. This is supposedly morbid but to me it’s one of those reality check things, you know,

Giving Thanks

What are you thankful for this week?


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