Week Fifteen: Giving Thanks

Hello lovelies,

Where has this week gone?! I don’t know if you know, but I usually compile my list of thankfuls – yes that is officially a word now – on a Sunday evening. But this week be so cray, I’m sure those who stalk me on Instagram would state otherwise, so do excuse me a moment while I load my gun to shoot you. Work is driving me crazy, I’m still mediating if this is the sort of crazy or the bad. What’s more, a lot of other things I’ve been working on are also coming together simultaneously. Fingers crossed crossed crossed.

Doing something a little different this week for the post because well, why not, we’ve hit fifteen weeks!

(c) Google Images
(c) Google Images

This fifteenth week was significant (not in terms of something important happening) as it taught me (as most weeks would) to be thankful for the little things life gives you. I’m not talking money, material and macaroni. (The macaroni was an irrelevant addition but I needed another “M” word.) Instead, while this may not be limited only to me, I found myself thanking life for giving each and everyone of us opportunities when least expected for all the talents we possess and may not necessarily make the most of.

The past few weeks were very social on my end. I met lots new people and it wasn’t as terrifying as I expected.

Good, hard work eventually does pay off and I saw this happen not only where I was concerned but with some of the closest people I know and even the celebrities-but-not-really-celebrities I follow online.

I don't really like Adele. (c) Google Images gave that.
I don’t really like Adele. (c) Google Images gave me that.

The mini-break I also took as a result of not wanting to stay home alone made me realise the importance of kicking back, once in a way and just.not.doing.anything. Of course, Monday happens, clients call and you are back to Friday-screws(ed). 😀 But right now, what we are most concerned on are those moments that take place right here, right now.

The many funerals I’ve been going for recently tells me that life isn’t going to last forever.

Death is imminent.

But what isn’t, are those moments you steal for yourself and you alone. I might want to live fast, die young (my supposed motto for 2015), but at the same time, I wouldn’t want to miss out on attaining the balances and that virtually impossible yoga pose.

Here’s to more thankful weeks ahead.

Giving ThanksWhat are you thankful for this week?

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