Week Fourteen: Giving Thanks

Hello all you wonderful people,

How are you doing this fine Tuesday? It’s still Sunday over here, but thought of giving myself an early start because, well, no harm there eh? 😀

Here are the five things I am thankful for this week:

  1. Family: Sometimes, you don’t need an extra reason to say why.
  2. My writings, away from this blog: Meaning, I got my writings over here – this is part of my Facebook-blogging-group, a few bloggers who are supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic, all of that in the same sentence, yes! – and over here on TAG IT. Yays!
    And the lovely Vositha had me featured on her blog, like whoa. Is this is a brilliant week or what?
  3. The new red car: I’m still warming up to this new baby and haven’t even driven her yet, but slowly, yet surely (I hope).
  4. Meeting more new people: Whoa, lookie the emerging socialite eh? 😀
  5. “Gifted” successA few weeks ago we (family) started this little Facebook page that I haven’t really spoken of much on this blog. Why not, you may ask? Well, I have mixed feelings when it comes to publicising things I do (same goes for the money-making work I do). Somehow, it doesn’t add up, d’you know what I mean or am I rambling to myself over here? Well, the little Facebook page had its first actual order! Yes, it was from the sibling – lol – but still it worked just the way I had visualised it in my little head and sigh, it was really beautiful. There are definitely things we have to improve on and maybe add a few more things but this a start and I’m trying to be hopeful about this one.

Giving ThanksWhat are you thankful for this week? ❤

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