Week Eight: Giving Thanks

It’s been the most challenging and horrendous week ever, at least for this year, and it’s been so trying a practice to “think sunny”. A lot of things happened, most of which were unpleasant, but here’s to better weeks and sunnier days 🙂

Here are what I am thankful for this week:

  1. Family:They know how shitty these days are and have been the most supportive, whether it is making me tea or lending me ATM cards because I haven’t gotten paid yet.
  2. Friends: Especially, this one, this one and this one. Met the last pretty one after so long and found it a good medium to let go of all things negative.
  3. Productivity: Let’s just say that work became everything I ever thought of so much so to an extent where I “compromised on” my 1500h nappy time due to forgetfulness. I’m secretly not sure how good a thing this is though.
  4. The nice tuk guy on Friday: My weekday-working-week didn’t end of a positive note (to say the least) and I was so thankful for not choosing to drive that Friday. On the contrary, I am most thankful for the very lovely tuk-guy who stopped at five different places, ensured that I got to different places on time (or as soon as he could roll over pavements) and attempted to create casual conversation with me to wipe off my miserable state. I only hope for sunny and beautiful things to come his way.
  5. This series: Last week I wrote on Shifani counting her blessings on her blog. This time around, I discovered that my sister’s-bestie and favourite Mommy, Dinu also doing the same. I have neither sufficient nor appropriate words to say how nice a gesture this is and what this means to me.

Giving Thanks

What are you thankful for this week?

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