Giving Thanks 2020 – Weeks Twenty-Four to Twenty-Seven

What a backlog of days (weeks) I tell you.

11th June 2020

Mango friend Lasantha sent me a 🥭 box to work using PickMe flash – what a revolutionary service btw! Also these mangoes though! I think my favourite neighbour Mr Edirisinghe has some serious mango competition. In vain if only my sister was also there to share 🥺

A treat of mangoes!

12th June 2020

An eventful Friday!

Digital scale
Got a gift from Mum


Japan-Sri Lanka Friendship Road
Went for a walk with Mum at the path on Japan-Sri Lanka Friendship Road


Made some mash and chicken for dinner #TGIF

13th June 2020

Had a Skype drinking session with an old friend and discovered a new combination with arrack: passion fruit juice!

Passion arrack combo
This passion arrack combo is truly revolutionary

14th June 2020

Went to the town to have some rice and curry for lunch. It was a good break from eating our own cooking 🙂

15th June 2020

Went to a larger supermarket today, it was calming despite the paranoia. I may have also found some potential #SenisSupermarketFinds for Twitter. Stocked up my favourite pens and made pumpkin soup for dinner.

Atlas butter gel
Bought enough pens for the next few months I think


Pumpkin soup
Pumpkin soup for dinner

16th June 2020

We got brownies at work. They weren’t particularly great but an occasional treat is always nice.

17th June 2020

Went for another 4km walk with Mum.

18th June 2020

What a long fucking day. I’m just grateful that it’s over.

19th June 2020

I got a long-overdue hair cut, which was said because I had to say goodbye to the blondies, temporarily. I also killed some time at a coffee shop and hated it, but calmed myself down by picking up some dinner (that Mum loved) to eat at home.

20th June 2020

A busy Saturday of chores. Dropped off my car at the garage for some much needed TLC. Bought home some banana leaf biriyani and also got a new lunch box to fit into my new eating habits. Side note: finally watched the Killing Eve finale. I’m heartbroken.

New lunch box
My new lunch box!

21st June 2020

Met up with some friends at a house for catchups and some alcohol. It was a chilled Sunday, if I say so myself.

22nd June 2020

Went to Trincomalee on work. Felt super anxious about being away from home and also from Mum. At least I got a fancy room with a view.

23rd June 2020

It was a long day of talking and learning. Very grateful for those who take time to dumb things down for me.

24th June 2020

I got back to Colombo only to finish up on work, while at home. I can’t believe it’s still Wednesday.

25th June 2020

The end of another long day. I don’t know how I’m doing it but here we are. It feels like there was no curfew/lockdown when you even think back on it.

26th June 2020

I went on a boat for work.

Not a bad way to spend a Friday morning.

27th June 2020

I cooked for one of my favourite girls and went mattress (window) shopping. We also had some sneaky KFC.

28th June 2020

What a Sunday! I had an afternoon nap. Watched the last Harry Potter film for the first time on TV (I remember why I avoided the films altogether) and also watched Godzilla (2014) on the telly. Meal prepped food for work for a few days while making dinner.



PS – I have a Facebook page that I’m still not too comfortable throwing around, but want you all to (secretly) know about 🙂


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