Giving Thanks 2020 – Weeks Twenty-Two and Twenty-Three

We are in the second half of 2020, folks!

30th May 2020

Made some bread pudding, again!

Bread pudding
Bread pudding made from bread I had left in the freezer for a few weeks.

31st May 2020

Made beef biriyani for lunch. Caught up on emails and read some news. The world is still a shitty place.

Beef biriyani
Some beef and fake biriyani, with extra beef and of course, tea

01st June 2020

  1. Missed India too much today. It’s been nearly ten years since I called it my home. So in celebration made did some kadai paneer ish, tempered potatoes that were already there, which I married off with some peas to make some aloo matar. The onion paratas are store-bought.
  2. Did some work and got on the mat for ten minutes, it seemed like a productive day.
A bit of India, here at home.
A bit of India, here at home.

02nd June 2020

  1. Worked out for like 05 minutes. Probably wasn’t much and I did it while watching a video but something is better than nothing.
  2. Had a great call with an old client.
  3. Went to Keells! 💗

03rd June 2020

First day of Mum’s new meal plan. I think the pan-grilled fish was a hit.

04th June 2020

A WFH / curfew-imposed day and the start of a long weekend, remember them?

05th June 2020

  1. My friend Ashan teaching me stock market trade using the analogy of apples and mangoes because I am an idiot sandwich.
  2. Also tried to catch the supposed lunar eclipse without much luck.

06th June 2020

Played a Scrabble game with Mama and she won, again!

07th June 2020

I don’t know what it was but I think something triggered today. I stayed up till very late finishing up some work that was due months ago.

08th June 2020

Went to the doctor’s today after a while, not to see Asanka though, unfortunately, but one near my house. I did a blood test and well, found out things I already knew, haha.

09th June 2020

I did some writing, the fun sort I missed doing after what may have been one of the longest days of my life complete with six Zoom/online calls.

10th June 2020

My good friend Dili, made my day. I asked him for some genuine feedback on something I had written and Dili being the wonderful person he is, went above and beyond and edited this for me. Cannot be more thankful to have friends like this.

So tell me, what were you grateful for these past few days?



PS – I have a Facebook page that I’m still not too comfortable throwing around, but want you all to (secretly) know about 🙂

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