Giving Thanks 2020 – Week Twenty

It’s been a strange week to remind us of the strange times we live in.

12th May 2020 

We went to the town and I went to a supermarket. It wasn’t the one I usually go to, but it felt nice, warm and fuzzy.

13th May 2020 

Went to Colombo to check on Mum’s workplace and clean up the place, boy that was not in the least pleasant. Also, too much hand sanitiser is starting to give some serious burns. We, however, did manage to do some cheap retail shopping for some household goods, which I think was quite therapeutic for both of us (even though Mum paid haha).

14th May 2020 

It was a nice, quiet day at home.

15th May 2020 

Another neighbour – not Mr Edirisinghe, gave us avocados, Mum’s favourite! We gave her back some lemons 🙂

Avocados from another neighbour!

16th May 2020 

  • Managed to fall asleep before 03am, yay.
  • Woke up to have had Mum chop up the vegetables we bought yesterday and I spent much of my morning and early afternoon, cooking.
  • I also spent the evening hours catching up with an old friend.
  • Also continued to work on updating my gratitude and news lists that have been left neglected for weeks.

17th May 2020 

It was a nice day and I washed my hair and watched ‘Killing Eve’. #QualityContent

18th May 2020 

I went to Colombo today for a meeting, managed to stay up for most of the day and I had my first samosa for the year thanks to Arabian Knights. My order for masks finally came in.

First samosa for 2020 from Arabian Knights

19th May 2020 

What a strange day to remind us of the strange times we live in.

So tell me, what were you grateful for these past few days?




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