Giving Thanks 2020 – Week Eighteen

Whatever happened to April?

27th April 2020 

My sister. I don’t often write about the people who are closest to me from the fear of wanting to protect them. But I was working out like mad a few days ago and then I decided to clean my toilet. My sister, who knows me like a book asked me if I was okay or if I was particularly stressed because those are only times I decide to clean the entire toilet. I think I was and I really wanted a distraction, hence the toilet cleaning.

But still, so grateful to have her in my life (even so far away).

28th April 2020 

Since I’m writing this in retrospect I have no idea what happened.

29th April 2020 

Found another new biscuit I like. I used to have these a lot in India. Please excuse the face, I had to crop out a picture I sent on our home group hehe.

30th April 2020 

I recently discovered Emma Fontanella’s YouTube channel and her personality just shines right through the videos! I tried her no-bake, stovetop pizza (I haven’t uploaded it to Instagram yet lol) and while it looks good, I think something must’ve gone wrong with the measurements (alas, my inability to follow through measurements and recipes accurately) and it turned out to be quite salty.

But on good news though, the fruit and vegetable bags we ordered a few weeks ago had these local oranges and boy, they were quite something.

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So with this import ban that’s upon us, there is a definite need to scale down on how much we rely on food that is not easily accessible to us. As someone who has always been ‘reasonably’ environmentally-concerned 😆 and been embracing frugality and minimalism more and more, the importance of eating sustainably and ethically has crossed my mind, more than once. True, I don't do enough and in by no means am I restrictive when it comes to feeding those I cook for, but I think it is important to have a certain level of consciousness on where our food and resources come from, how far it has travelled to get to our plates. . . So when I ordered from and they delivered local oranges along with my order of fruits, I was thrilled. We've always seen these vendors selling orange juice by the side of the road but never stopped because we were either running late/not hungry/no parking etc. But for someone who doesn't like oranges, this was a serious game-changer and I'm sold! . . 🍋🍋 If you saw my stories already, you'd know that we have a 🍋 tree and life has basically given us more lemons than we can handle. I've been looking for ways to make use of it and while lemon juice does need quite a bit of sugar, it's great for warm weather and this lemon squeezing is giving me some serious muscle power 😂 . . Also listing out a few local brands/personalities (in no particular order) whom I love because they deserve all the support they can get right now. Sorry about being tagged along with the lemons though – also I had 42 here but Instagram only allows 20 per post to avoid spam, sigh! . @bearappeal @totesbrownies @cream_n_crumble @barressential @the_bread_company_lk @haribaolk @bakesbybella @quaintrelle_by_chiran @blokanddino @nimmi.harasgama @waxed_colombo @thesareelibrarylk @topnotch_cosmetics @thethinnaijaffna @ceylonleaf @jollys_icecream @ceylonramblersclub @nmstylefolder @shoelace_studio @mintage_restaurant

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01st May 2020 

Happy May! I managed to complete some long-overdue work course, phew. Celebrated by making a no-bake chocolate tart.

02nd May 2020 

Started a course on psychological first aid because it might be important for all of us in the days to come!

03rd May 2020 

Made a list, managed to complete a few in it. I also did some finances after so long and it felt even a bit normal?

So tell me, what were you grateful for these past few days?




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