Giving Thanks 2020 – Week Three

If last week was a whirlwind, this week was a blur! of a week. Halfway into the week, I couldn’t even keep up with my own scheduled Twitter posts, but here’s hoping my memory is still accurate with the help of my calendar and reminders apps and my physical planner haha.

13th January 2020

I’m very grateful that my sister went for a job interview today! Regardless of how it went and what the outcome eventually would be, it’s super great that she got called in.

14th January 2020

Was having a particularly long and lonely drive back home only to be greeted to this gesture of love by my friend, Sheshadri.

Postcard from Oxford

15th January 2020

It’s a midweek holiday! Managed to sleep in, meet with some family to prep for an upcoming wedding and drive around with Mum and also be treated to some nice egg hoppers.

16th January 2020

Went for a reformer pilates class. Felt good to do it outside of physiotherapy. Slowly getting back to working out, despite the late work nights and early exhausted mornings. Also met with friends and was treated to really good gnocchi for dinner.

17th January 2020

Managed to get another work out in. This time my Mum, her friend and I went for a walk. It wasn’t too bad, there were teeny hills and it felt pretty good. Came home, cooked for the first time in a long time (minus the lack of salt, which always happens) and got to bed before 12am! I slept much later but that doesn’t matter.

18th January 2020

Went on my first ‘fun’ trip for the year with friends. It was really chilled out, quiet, a little spooky and you know, I actually didn’t turn on my laptop.

We actually took this on Sunday 19th but it still counts!

19th January 2020

Spent more time with friends, our little Tara and trash-talking with Dili (haha) all the way down the expressway. Also, Marie Kondo-ed my laptop and lists a bit and also hand washed some clothes and kind of feel like a superstar.

What were you grateful for this week?


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