Seniinthebox 2.0

Hello and welcome back! I suppose blog relaunches are not big because not many even read blogs nowadays, but blogging is one of the ways in which I can continue writing, so this is what we will do (despite not many even reading!).

I’ve been thinking, almost since the time I bought this domain on what I wanted to do with this space. I initially wanted to organise my blog a bit, which I kind of managed to do and opened up a second (unpaid) blog to manage the clutter – I still post there, just needed some place to put all of the other stuff! But then I’ve realised that this has done nothing to inspire me to make me write more and this website just remained as it is.

However, this last quarter of the year, I’ve had some time to think about what I want to do with this space and I think I’ve finally narrowed it down. Two of my favourite (former) bosses always emphasised on how it important it was to find your niche and while I’m quite certain that I haven’t found it yet, I think there are a couple of areas I enjoy talking (writing) about.

I’m putting this out there to the world, hoping that it would leave me accountable. I’ve tried this with my travel plans the past three years and it has actually materialised! So here goes nothing:

  1. I’m committing to writing twice a week (Yes, I know!). I also created a Facebook page because why the hell not.
  2. I refocused a few of the areas I will write about, and have (kind of) decided on gratitude, productivity – work from home/cleaning, travel, mental health, sustainability, personal finance, some letters and of course Et cetera. Hopefully, I will be also able to work on changing the layout of this space to something better.
  3. I’m hoping to kick start a new series of “giving thanks” from 2020 but until I reach the first week of the new year, I will write longer posts in gratitude to 2019.
  4. All the areas I’ve selected to write about are not ones that I am an expert at, obviously, however, I do enjoy writing/reading and educating myself on it.
  5. If there are any readers of this blog, please do hold me accountable to this!

Here’s to more writing.


PS – Time and again, I will write a few rants, expression supposedly long-form sentiments that are driven by emotion (mostly anger) but let’s hope that doesn’t happen too often.


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