Week Twenty-Three: Giving Thanks

Hello my loves,

It’s been twenty-three weeks?! HOW, is my only question. Soon, the numerical figure will actually be “older” than me! 😮 #haw

This post would turn out lame if I choose to rant about how hectic the past few months have been, which it has actually, without doubt, but then, the show must go on and we must go on living for tomorrow will always be a better, glorious and sunnier day.

However, I must say that the current workload, which to an extent is a positive energy in its own accord, has also not allowed me to write my list of thankfuls as early as I would have liked to. This means, no cheating on Sundays to schedule on Tuesday evenings. #haw

For my twenty-third week of counting my blessings, I choose to be narcissistic *surprise, surprise* and thank myself. It’s been on my mind a while and putting it in writing has not only been therapeutic but also acted as motivation to keep pushing myself further. I strongly suggest all you babies to do the same as well because some extra self-loving never hurt no body 🙂

My work schedule since of recent has not only been exhausting – I should get a rupee for every time I use the word “exhausting” – but also, sporadic. This might come as a surprise for some of you given that I more often than not, tend to take pride in planning my work in the most logical and feasible manner possible. However, my planner and phone calendar the past few weeks have more blank spaces than Taylor Swift’s black books, as most plans have not even been made by yours truly.

And we all know how I can go berzerk when things are not in order noh.

But instead, I’ve managed to hold my shit together.


I treated myself today!
I treated myself today!

Sometimes, it’s hard. I get it. Regardless of how positive I try to be, at times it just really stinks and all you want to do is break all the plates at home.

But then I tell myself that the plates are not responsible for how I feel.

Neither is my family or close friends or colleagues.

Heck, I might be annoyed at myself! Which is, usually the case – lol. Or I might be annoyed or affected by something else that has gone wrong, which I usually have no control over. But then I remember how sad I feel when I am sometimes the object of anger-projection when someone else feels gooey so why do I want to inflict the same on another lovely human being? 🙂

So, this week is a little thank you note to myself, for putting up with me, tolerating my ridiculous nonsense and throwing myself to the brink of insanity with zero to no sleep and even crazier eating habits.

Giving Thanks

Have you thanked yourself this week, yet?

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