Week Twenty-One: Giving Thanks

Hello all you beautiful people!

How are you doing this Tuesday afternoon? It’s been a long week on this side of the box and I think it might remain so for the next weeks (and months). But it’ll all pay off, or that’s what my sunny side tells me.

This week in my list of thankfuls, I will once again not do a curated list, not because I don’t have things to be thankful about – psht – but it’s the birthday of the bestest friend in the universe: this boy. I think I once ranted on how awesome David was and trust me this boy still is awesome and over-protective and cautious and equally happy-go-lucky drunkard and my Friday-man, -lol –  but still for all, with him hitting his first quarter *woots* I think it deserves a thankful post of its own, d’you know what I mean? 😀

(c) Google Images
(c) Google Images

Where do I start with as to why I’m eternally thankful to this boy? Let’s do a list because my brain is compartmentalised for such things:

  1. He is ALWAYS up for bad decision making if “encouraged” correctly.
  2. He is ALWAYS up for comfort-drinking on any given day.
  3. He is also on an “alcohol” fast this month because of my thambi obligations! WHOA.
  4. Even though we both get equally wasted on a Friday / Saturday / any night, if I am up to more “mischievous” decision making than he is, Lasantha assures that he makes the switch Red Bull while handing me another Vodka cranberry and insists on dropping me afterwards. #meh
  5. His better half is equally awesome. I cannot get enough of the both of them. ❤ also, #goals

I know most of these are substance-abuse related but hey, it’s not always that we remain in our twenties and while we are at it, we might as well make the most it.

Happy birthday sunshine. I’ll see you for items 1) and 2) on the 21st.

Giving Thanks

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