Nice Yindians

And just when I thought that the world had turned against me, I was proved wrong. As always . When I speak of the world, as per my present settlement, I speak of India. And when I speak of the world, as per those around me, I evidently speak of Indians. For those of whom who did not get that, please stop reading close the tab/window and never ‘site’ this blog again. *pun-in-cheek*

Never judge a book by its cover, goes the age old adage. Precisely what I did before coming to my new-home. I was told by many a folk of this country and its folk. The prejudices of those who warned me of the country folk had been formulated due to bad experiences that were oft personal. Therefore, I struck it out as ‘bias-ness’ *ahem Calcuttan* 😉 Came with a fresh mindset did I. Boy was I wrong.

For starters, the country had no law or order. There was no (and they still don’t. However I speak of first impressions) decorum in motorists, pedestrians. There was no adherence to rules. No, I do not come from Communist Land where and I don’t believe that everything should be done as per the book of rules. But the lawlessness in the city of Bangalore is horribly nauseating. I have not been to other parts of India as yet, therefore I may be prejudiced against Bangalore as at now; however from the little I have seen I find myself very disgusted.

What makes the story go MORE wilder (please note that the double-superlative, – Heaven let such a grammatical error be there- was used deliberately) is the fact that the lawlessness of the country has actually grown in to me. I have now become the pedestrian who does not give two hoots about the person walking in front of me. I have become the pedestrian who does not give two hoots about duties of a pedestrian. I have also become the pedestrian who uses more swear words than she ever did. All this when I step out the gates of my dearest University, not. Insane as it may sound, I dread going home. I dread going home and walking on the road. I dread going home and driving. Sigh. Laments of a damsel in distress.

The people. My next least favourite topic. The sentence prior to this says it all. Maybe it is only those who are from the city. Or not. However, on the sunny side of things, what prompted me to give the title that I did is because I saw exceptions. Yes, heard me right you did. I met ‘nice’ Indians in India. For Pete’s sake, stop stating the obvious. LoL. I was told by my favourite English teacher in University that ‘nice’ is a cheap word, or a weasel word. That it does not quite sum up what you want to say. For obvious reasons, my facial expression that accompanied this weasel word cannot be seen, but, ‘nice’ is the word I would use to describe them.

The nice Indians I speak of are the two girls in front of my room. One from Calcutta (Room 530) and the other from New Delhi (Room 531). Both final-year Masters’ students and darlings they are *genuinely blissful expression*. In my point of view, they are what I call normal. Most people that I met here, my age, younger or older could only be defined as sad to say, wasted. The others, superficial. Immoral. Immature. And the list goes on. In order to last in this country for in the least two more years, the list of adjectives shall come to an end there.

Coming back to the darlings. They are not wasted. They are not superficial. They are not immoral. They are not immature. Okay maybe they are, a little (please don’t kill me for this. Smiley face). But then again, who isn’t? It doesn’t hurt to be immature on a rare occasion now does it? Words fail me, but the only word that could best describe these two ladies is that they is ‘nice’. Genuinely nice. Hanging out with them more has helped me a great deal. For example, I have begun to look to substitutes for my swear words. Well, that is not all that cool I believe, but then again, God would like me more I guess for swearing less. Teehee.

I suppose, judging a book by its cover is wrong after all. But then again, who could blame an individual who is in a library filled with bad books? Especially when the good ones are hidden beneath fifteen-hundred odd incoherent hardbound titles?

P.S. – These two jokers are super fun to hang with. Real foodies I must say. Undoubtedly. Could do a bit more with the neat-freakness, but then again I don’t blame them for not being like me. Lmao. As long as I’m around, their rooms will be clean. Do call me up for housekeeping services yes.


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