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How to Say NO When You Are Broke

Hello everyone! I am back. The month of June whizzed past us – I don’t even know how that happened. But here we are trying again. Many things have happened since we last wrote, if you watch the news, half of the updates stay there because it’s not as though I have an interesting life beyond that 😂

But let’s start off with some other interesting news. I did two presentations recently, one was on ‘Project Planning and Implementation’ that actually encapsulated a lot of what I have learnt during the past few years being in the development and the second one was on ‘Budgeting’! I cannot believe it myself that I found a live (virtual) audience who would listen to me talk about it for an hour! So if there is anyone reading this after having listened to me ramble, hello and welcome!

For today’s post, I am actually going to write about a topic that was requested. It doesn’t happen very often but on the rare occasion it does, it makes sense to make the most of it haha. And in all fairness with everything opening up here in Colombo, it’s likely that meetups will happen and most people will resume their business as usual social lives. So if some of you made any progress with WFH savings during this time OR you were/are on the other end of the spectrum and have been on a pay cut due to the pandemic, here is hoping that this would be helpful.

As always, I am not a financial expert and as I have said time and again, being able to save, go out and have some amount of financial freedom is a privilege in itself. At the same time “being broke” can be subjective to some. It can be your bank account being an absolute zero or you might have money in savings and your checking account is running a bit low. Or you might have overspent a certain budget allocation. So whatever your definition may be, here are a few helpful ways to say no to spending you don’t want well, spend.

Learn to say “No, thank you.”

This is probably the easiest and most straightforward way to go about it but I do understand it doesn’t come easy for some. If you can’t do something, you should be able to say “no” without explanations. If you can do this, well more power to you and we don’t need to dwell on this further.

Explain your circumstances.

If you can’t say no, try to explain your circumstances. Whether it is a trip you have planned with friends or even eating out at a really expensive restaurant, if it is above your means, it is. Hopefully, by saying no, there might be others who resonate with you and there might be a reconsideration of plans. Hopefully.

If you really want to go – ask for alternatives.

If you really want to go and don’t want to dwell trying to make explanations, do offer alternatives to where else you could go. Preferably someplace cheaper.

If you are embarrassed – you can fake an excuse.

This is not something I would speak of in public because I think we should all be empowered enough to make our own decisions and say no, but the reality is that we are all not and that’s how things are. I am not aware of your circumstances and the above three methods might not really work for you. You can try to fake an excuse but do make sure your story holds. Don’t always think it’s the best way to go about it but sometimes you got to do what you can do 🤷🏽‍♀️

If these don’t work, you probably need new friends.

There, I said it. If none of these work and your friends insist, I think they are a bunch of losers and you should ditch them. We can be internet friends if you want.

Also, if you are on the other end of the spectrum, who has no limits with budgets, try to either be understanding or pay more attention to the circumstances of your friends or if you are benevolent enough, just pay for all of them, no questions asked. Call it a treat and we will all be grateful.

So there you have it. My obvious and not very innovative methods of getting yourself out of spending you don’t want to do. I understand that peer pressure can take a toll on you. Or even romantic relationships can be expensive as well. But also keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be one or the other. You can be good with your money and also have meaningful adult friendships and relationships with those who genuinely want the best for you.

Here’s to better financial decision making!



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