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Hi – how are you doing?

Hello everyone, I’m back. Not going to jinx it but I felt compelled to write here, but unfortunately, we are not talking about personal finance today. I did even think of a good-ish thing to write on, but, I have bigger concerns to address.

Please tell me, how are you? How are you holding up during this time? How are you coping? Most importantly, how is your heart?

It’s been difficult. I’m not going to lie. And for someone like me, honestly, I feel like I shouldn’t say such things because things haven’t been difficult in that sense of the word. I did lose someone I know (a close Aunty-person to my Mum and a close friend to my grandmum) to COVID a few days ago. She would be the first ‘close’ person I know who passed away due to the virus. But other than that, I am ‘okay’. Like I said in my tweet a few days ago, I am okay. I’ve had no pay cuts. I’m fortunate enough to work from home. I have shitty as fuck internet like the rest of the country, but I can get by with a video call. I have recreational activities. My Mother and I have more than enough space to isolate in our own house. And we have stocks of food to survive on as well. So yes, we are okay. I am okay.

But am I though?

Adam Grant recently spoke of this in his viral and celebrated NYT article on ‘languishing’ and in as much I found that article very #relatable along with the rest of the world including (Prince) Harry, there is a lot more at play here.

Friends, we have to talk about disappointment. And being let down.

I’ve been asked not to speak on these topics as openly because we don’t know what would become of us in our democratic country. But when you are part minority and very much female, no one really accounts for you in the census to even begin with. But I am so very disappointed for what it’s worth, and I know I’m not alone in saying this. I first felt this tragic sense of disappointment during the Easter Attacks. I was turning 19 the year the war ended, but I don’t think I was able to fully comprehend the depth of everything that was going on as I can now, as a 31-year-old. I’ve told you before, I’m a slow learner.

There is so much injustice going on in the world, and no I’m not here to talk about it. Okay, yes. We have to talk about Palestine and the genocide that’s going on there. And we have to talk about Columbia. But I’m sorry, we have to try and address the issues that are happening in our own front yard. Is it easier to talk about Palestine because you have to empathise from afar and talking about issues close to home becomes difficult because they are so real? Or is it because there isn’t enough factual information of what has been done before or the fact that people are not willing to talk about what was done as openly because of the fear of knowing what would be next? Listen I’m not trying to attack anyone for choosing what they want to talk about, but you simply cannot choose to NOT talk about what’s happening in the same country that you live in (or are attached to).

I don’t know about you, but I feel like history is repeating itself again. Starting with the funding that’s supposed to be utilised for the pandemic, the mounting debt trap and of course, the continuing discrimination of minorities. It sometimes feels counterproductive to speak of these things because we know that this would be a topic of discussion about ten years from now.

But yes, that’s it from this end. I have nothing more to add. I urge you to, however, not switch off from the news. I know people say they need a mental health break but take it for a few hours and watch some TikToks or read a book, but please come back to the news. Be aware of what is happening. It’s like the Hunger Games except we are all trying to protect one another. Please read the news, keep the numbers and details in mind. Screenshot them. Remember how you were treated. We might not be directly impacted today but there is no guarantee that we won’t be the next time this happens. If we don’t start to take care of our own people, of all of our own people in this country, as we are starting to see, no one else will because no one else cares.

Take care of your minds and your hearts.



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