Quarantine Diaries: Hi, how are you doing?

Like what has happened? No, I haven’t died. The blog hasn’t either – I hope not. The spirit has died, somewhat. It’s been difficult, I won’t say no, but at the same time, I am among those who are privileged so there isn’t a lot to really complain about. I still have a job that pays (with no pay cuts), I have a roof above my head, food that I find difficult to eat but still have nonetheless and I have family, who is alive and well.

This post comes from a deep place of gratitude and awareness and if this seems like entitled bull shit, remember there is no obligation to read.

I don’t know where the time has gone, I haven’t been among those who made use of this time to better myself. Sure, I have been working out considerably a bit more than other times but to be honest, I mostly work out for my mental health and not so much my physical well being. It is somewhat important for me to look good but it’s most important for me to stay sane, which is more difficult to achieve than good looks and flat abs.


During this time, I’ve also managed to open an account on Medium, and no, before you think that I’m cheating on you there, I learnt of this Medium partner programme (still in the process of trying to set up the payment stuff really) and thought of taking advantage of it. Not sure who would pay to read my writing but you never know!

Oh and in case you wanted to follow me and read my only post so far, here is my link: https://medium.com/@seniinthebox


And if you haven’t guessed it already, I’m behind on my gratitude lists. I did manage to sit down a few days ago and actually compile all the responses I got from Twitter on the excel sheet and today, I finally sat down to write ALL the overdue posts. Sometimes, I just surprise myself. Here are the links, in case you didn’t see them already!

Giving Thanks 2020 – Week Twelve

Giving Thanks 2020 – Week Thirteen

Giving Thanks 2020 – Week Fourteen

Giving Thanks 2020 – Week Fifteen

Giving Thanks 2020 – Week Sixteen

Giving Thanks 2020 – Week Seventeen

Giving Thanks 2020 – Week Eighteen

Giving Thanks 2020 – Week Nineteen


During this time, I’ve also convinced myself that I may have acquired an adult learning deficiency and that I need to also see a nutritionist whenever we finally adjust to the new-normal. And yes, it’s a “new-normal” because I don’t think things will ever go back to normal as they once were.


Some of my other highlights include making not one, but three stop motion videos. This one though is probably my most time-consuming, best work of stop motion art that I have created to date and I couldn’t be more proud of it!

So, what next? I honestly don’t know. Until next time, stay safe and wash your hands 🙂



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