Let’s Talk about Love

I am going to write something a little cheesy tonight and I hope that’s okay with you. I also partly apologise for not having written anything for 2016 – Happy New Year by the way, I hope it’s been good so far – the writing days weren’t many and on the days that were, it weren’t too sunny. I also say only “partly” as larger blogging communities with established bloggers have made me read countless posts on how we should not apologise for not uploading content because we do this for ourselves, supposedly.

The cheese I’m about to write of, is not inspired by the pizza I had two weeks ago. I don’t think I eat cheese as it is unless in food – you see, it’s my Mother who is more inclined towards having been a cheese-nibbling mouse in a past life – so no excuse there either.

Tonight, I’m going to talk about love.

Appropriate, I felt.

But before you hit the “x” on the tab, please do keep in mind that the “love” in this post is not inspired by so and so’s recent Facebook “relationship” status update. It might part be so by the overly commercialised and romanticised Valentine’s Day – it’s at these times do I regret not being a store owner – and this month’s letter writing event

It was when I was finishing up some note taking – I take arduous notes that usually materialise into nothing – did the thought of “love” keep melting in my mind.

Because all people should be loved, and if they aren’t or if they feel like they don’t, I think it’s about time we told them so.

I was never big into “love” as we know it you know. I might be all teary eyed from the outside – I also have a terrible condition of dry eyes for which I use this excellent fake tear drop solution and no, I do not wear contact lenses – but from the inside I have to say that I’m a bit of a tough girl. You know, it’s mostly the ones that look innocent *cough choke* that end up being all Arnold Subasinghe feisty. Just so you know, the last reference was drawn from having watched that new Terminator movie, lol.

But having thought of love and since it’s February and Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be an appropriate time to speak of love, because who doesn’t dig the subject, huh?

But in the past few days, weeks and months in my supposed journey to meditation, some bits of yoga and physical fitness, I have become very slightly obsessed with standing in front of the mirror.

We are all guilty of it and I’m at least admitting it.

But don’t get me wrong though. For most of the part and good genes, I’ve always liked how I’ve looked. Yes, a little bit more effort into the hair and makeup to the face will no doubt make me look on fleek, but ain’t body got no time for that (see we have issues waking early morning).

But what I have noticed though is, on the contrary, it is perhaps the love I have for myself and body do I find more appreciative qualities in me. It’s simultaneously important that we do not confuse this with narcissism which is a whole different ball game.

Because if we do not love ourselves enough, we will never be able to accept love into our lives. Trust me on this ones my loves, I’ve seen it and it isn’t pretty. It’s worse when you are on the other side giving this loveless person so much love (that you initially thought you neither had nor was ever capable of) but then you realise that it is never enough for they will never be happy.

No copyright infringement intended

It is only if we love ourselves and accept ourselves (bite me, I’m being clichè and Tumblr-esq) are we able to love someone back and receive love, unconditionally.

Unless you are a baby. Babies are little teenyboppers that no nothing of. Like Jon Snow.

If you are unsure if you love yourself, let me give you some “insight” (they get a little TMI I’m afraid) into how I know that I love myself:

Disclaimer: These are not “exclusive” or the only points of measurement. We all may love ourselves differently of course. 

  • I take care of my body – some bits of wondering what goes into my mouth (by this I mean, food, lol); some bits of exercise and yoga (I genuinely enjoy doing it) and hygiene (I wash my hair twice a week because, dry shampoo bitches and shower at least once a day, unless it’s a weekend and I don’t need to get too close to anybody, lol)
  • I treat my body / self – I’m don’t have a big sweet tooth, not really a big foodie or shopper, however on that rare occasion if  I feel like a chocolate milkshake and a chocolate waffle and I’m not on my period, I go for it. No body’s going to stop this girl! \m/
  • I don’t take many pictures of myself –  Unless it’s for Snapchat because, YOLO. Haha. But in actuality, I am really not a big fan of the picture scenario. I personally think it’s totes awks in public and there is too much of planning going on during a very short span of time. STRESS!
  • (at the same time) I don’t mind being in pictures and I don’t request to retake any – Frankly because I can’t be bothered, lol. I know that my left side is the good side so as long as that is in, I have no qualms!
  • I nap when I want to – I also stay up late at night watching countless makeup tutorials and writing unpublished blog posts, but I love naps especially when it’s not bed time and thanks to the relatively flexible schedule I work with, this is possible!

I think there must be some more but then again it’s almost three in the morning and I have better things to do, like go sleep.

But think about it if you have the time – my sleeping and waking thought are the best apart from those in the shower – and treat yourself a little more in life, not just this month. As for Valentine’s Day, come write letters with us or just do your usual Sunday grocery shopping. It’s just another day after all and you might even be liable for a quicky discount 🙂

Hope you have a sunny weekend my babies.

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