Week Nineteen: Giving Thanks

Hello my pretties,

How are you doing this warm Tuesday afternoon? I am most likely falling asleep at some meeting (given that I write this ahead of time usually – lol) and hence, I hope your fate is at a better place than mine. lol.

We started fasting last Friday and despite agnostic claims, I’ve always liked the fasting and it’s convenient okay. Work has been relatively less stressful, fingers crossed. Perhaps due to clearing out backlogs and getting other mundane administrative tasks out of the way.

So here are my list of thankfuls for this week:

  1. Family and friends: because despite being an introvert who keeps to herself, these entities become important.
  2. More blog posts: I blogged twice more last week apart from my recollection of thanks, you can find it here and here, in case you missed out on it.
  3. Positive people: Lots of good vibes floating about on a lot of things I’ve been thinking miserably about. This is a good sign. #ThinkSunny
  4. Letter Writing: We had our sixth letter writing circle on Sunday and it was glorious!
  5. Routines: Those who know me know how crazy I get over consistent routines and something on those lines are falling into place! It’s a week for today and I shall revert with a more elaborate update sooner, than later.

Giving Thanks

What are you thankful for this week?

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