December Diaries: Giving Thanks to 2016

Where do I even start. I actually just took a break from writing to scroll through my Instagram that I believe has some of my key highlights and also because scrolling through my planner right now doesn’t sound too appealing. psht.

A lot of bad things has happened this year, the most significant of which is the flood that will probably be engraved in one to a side of my brain for a very long time. Today though, I am going to narrow it down to ten good things that happened this year because it’s important that we focus on the positives. So in no order whatsoever, here are my list of thankfuls for 2016.

The Month of December

December is always stressful., which is also probably why it is first on my list. There is not only the end of the year rush, but also all of our special (and expensive) days. This December was even more stressful because of work, a troublesome shoulder and back and lots of other little struggles that I continued to battle;

because end of the year = birthdays = end of expectations, loss of hope and basically cause for mental tantrums

Also one of my favourite people got married this month. ❤

Big Changes 

I don’t get too personal in here because as a writer, this blog not only becomes a representation of some of the shitty work that I may do but also a space where a lot of the people I know refer to, lol. But career wise, there has been changes. Good changes I feel, or at least hope. Like many things in life, I try to continuously find stability within myself and my career as a writer (and whatever else that comes out of it) is an area I like to work on as well.

In other news, I got a car
In other news, I got a car.


My sister has been fortunate enough to fly down almost every month since the middle of the year and we hope that she will permanently be here in Colombo very soon. My extended family suffered from the devastating flood but besides the house and some other material possessions, they are safe and good.

Food = family.
Food = family.

Mum’s Presentation

My Mum made a stellar presentation at the Human Rights Commission on the work she does and I was lucky enough to go see it. Akki and I are really fortunate to have a mother who believes and is truly passionate about the work she does.

Letter Earthlings Grew Closer to my Heart

My favourite past time is not only writing letters, but to inspire people to write letters. Letter Earthlings has become one of my most looked forward to activities every month and this year in particular has truly help bring the initiative really close to my heart. I sincerely thank my friend Nivendra for letting me be a part of it.


Discovered a New Coffee Place

Or my favourite coffee place! It’s a pity that I don’t grace coffee shops as much any more but if I were to, I know where to go and might have a bit of a tough time knowing what I want.


Travelled a bit more

Across Sri Lanka and to East Asia. Some trips were on work while the rest were adventures with those I adore the most. I am grateful for being able to do what I do and the opportunities I get.

I know Cambodia was a highlight but my heart will always be with the sea.
I know Cambodia was a highlight but my heart will always be with the sea.

Made New Friends, Grew Distant from Some Old Ones

It makes me a little sad to talk about this but the realisation has simultaneously helped me learn and grow closer to old and new friends who have come into my life in the most unexpected of ways. For those who I may have distanced myself from, I’m sorry but I guess it worked out for the best. You will always be in my heart and I will always remember your birthday.

Those who came into my life and for those who have been here with me, thank you. You mean more to me than I will ever verbally let you know.

Wrapped more gifts!

Gifted grew slowly on the side.


We took on orders we could execute and didn’t for those of which we knew that we either didn’t have enough time or enough resources for. Thank you for all those who ordered with us and believed in us to add some magic to your loved ones special day.


Fell in love, again

With the same man of course, haha. But this year has been one of truly understanding him (and I hope vice versa, lol), knowing that he will be there for a very long time. If he chooses not to, I will buy him back with all the confectionary, speakers and car parts left in the world. Muhaha.

This was from 2015 but the next picture in this series of pictures was definitely my favourite <3
This was from 2015 but the next picture in this series of pictures was definitely my favourite ❤

But thank you once again for all those who have been a part of my life and given me everything that you have. It’s been a rushed year, but a good one, I like to think, despite all that has happened. We are older, not necessarily wiser but have grown to become more content with what we have, the people in our lives and most importantly, the little time we have.

I hope 2017 brings you nothing but sunshine.

Written as part of the Giving Thanks series – Week 35

Why I Want to Write about Financing (or “Budgeting” predominantly)

If I start to count the number of videos I watched before starting this post, trust me I would’ve failed having tried to keep track of em. As far as most writers go, I am pretty Jon Snow when it comes to financing. The most I would’ve gotten as far as financing goes would be that o/level commerce class and a/level accounts option weirdly paired with some English literature. As most people would admit too, I’m not that book smart. I like to think that I’m street smart instead because let’s face it, if it’s not the books it has to be the “streets” until someone comes up with alternate terminology.

My “budgeting” days start somewhere in 2007-2008 when I did “odd” – but legal – jobs on the side. Then it was more on getting pocket money that I would dish out at once because, well, the chief finance officer = the mother!

Starting 2009, there were regular pay cheques coming in monthly that ranged from four figures to lo and behold, five figures every month. It wasn’t a steady stream of money but in retrospect, I actually did more with that money than I do now. This might also be because I didn’t use four-to-five-figure face products as I do now. Gah. I remember shopping for everyone after my first real “pay cheque” and even throwing a little birthday party for my mum with her closest friends and family (that amounted to around fifty people) – with only four-five figures!

Next it was India. No, my degree was neither in financing nor commerce. On the contrary, it was in communications (though I later went on to major in English with minors and psychology and communications, because I tend to be indecisive as fuck). My Mother paid for my degree and my sister for accommodation and survival as I was not book-smart enough to look out for scholarships.

I would like to think that my real journey in to budgeting and finances began then.

The first two weeks of the month was always glorious. My lovely Sri Lankan roomie and I would try out different restaurants that were forever in our bucket lists and the next two weeks spent getting as creative as you could get with sliced bread, Maggi noodles, lots of canned food (read: tuna) and the x-number of sauces. I would’ve said cereal but in reality trying to get creative with cereal sounds a little too gross.

I know I could've just done the same with my Scrabble board but we have Google to save our souls
I know I could’ve just done the same with my Scrabble board but we have Google to save our souls

But this was somewhere in 2012 and fast forward to four years now, I am a little surprised at how not much has changed! Haha. No, I’m not proud of it either. I’m laughing because that’s what I do in situations where I don’t cry.

See interestingly, the routine is still the same. Except that I work three jobs (+ odd jobs – all legal!) now and expenses and all that jazz have significantly increase. Let’s not even start with the other vices now, haha. I recently bought myself a car, or will continue to buy (or pay) sounds just about more accurate as that’s what I will be doing for a while and have decided on travelling far more than my travel quota the coming year completely disregarding my shaky job situation.

For the umpteenth time, I’m neither book-smart, nor am I feeling very brave but as the book of English idioms would have it, I’m feeling very “take the bull by its horns” these days.

Fingers crossed this goes well!

Day Six: On Top of the World

So in case you didn’t already guess this one, I climbed Sigiriya! Woots. The first time in like twenty-something years. But it was the sense of accomplishment that comes with it. I’ve always been a bit of a Frescos and seeing it was quite a treat. The museum was all sorts of lovely as well, a must-go museum for all history buffs.

Since it is Friday, and once upon a time I started something on the lines of #FridayWisdom, let me share what I have in store for you today.

First is on solitude. Being alone is so underrated and not many people attempt it. I like and enjoy me-time as it is one of those few times I actually get to reflect on myself, what I want and lots of other things I do not have time to think of otherwise. While a lot of this would turn out bad, a bit of it everyday or a lot of it (catch up time, lol) once in a way is quite healthy. I thought through a lot of things and most importantly would like to think that I gained clarity on a few things as well. I hope these would reflect into all things positive in my life in future, only time will tell.

More wisdom is to be on these posts soon, will streamline them into something meaningful I suppose.

Signing off early tonight, read 7pm and then will be heading back home tomorrow. Yay.

Time for pictures and I might not post during the weekend as I have work catching up.

Have a good weekend lovelies 🙂




Day Five: Bicycle Trails!

Greetings readers!

How was your day? Mine was a bit of rain and shine, literally.

We were in Polonnaruwa this morning. We left Minneriya at 0800h and got there in about an hour. We rented bicycles at LKR 400 each, a total rip-off but then the rental chap said “10-12 kms” when in actuality it was just four or something. Hayyo.

We had to go back to the museum area because of our Nepali friend and no, I didn’t ride down the main road, too chicken for that noh. Teehee. Also, before you ask, yes I did fall! It’s been a while since I bicycles and lol. Nothing too scary, just a few bruises that will turn blue tomorrow.

The weather gods were not in our favour however, was raining on and off and meh. The museum was quite swell though, highly recommend to museum enthusiasts.

Despite the falls, the bicycle ride was calming. It’s a pity I can’t do more of it in Colombo, on straight roads that is. Haha.

It’s almost about publishing time so going to end it with a couple of pictures. Will be heading to Sigiriya tomorrow.

P.S. – We made our Nepali friend watch “Ex-Alien” #swagballs


Day Four: Country-Bound

Hello lovelies!

I am in Minneriya at the moment and am writing from my phone, so do excuse the unjustified posts (alignment that is, lol). We arrived here in the morning ish, around 1130h and was really warm. Happily lunched and then napped. A few interesting work related things happened too, will not go into detail as at yet because of my unwritten policy of not letting out details on things until I know it is going to happen for sure. Skeptical like that you know. Tsk.

Sitting in the living room and listening to some oldie but goldie music.

It’s almost another world here. There isn’t much in the town but fairly enough for people to get about I feel. Two things they could work on: healthcare and uhm salons. A girl’s got to do her eyebrows yea. Teehee.

We are heading off to Polonnaruwa tomorrow, to ruin what is left of it. Saw what I did there? Haahaaaa. I think the tranquility is making me quite happy and messing with my normalcy. Lols. That is if I had something on those lines to start with. Teehee.

For the absence of justification and tags, I’m attaching a couple of pictures that I thought were pretty.

Have a good night ahead children and I hope your day was sunny.