Let’s Talk about Personal Space

See I’m a closed up person. I’m not the book type where the more you get to read, the more I open up. In fact, I feel as though you are the wrong type of reader or you just don’t spend enough time in a library, you will be getting to read a different book. Actually, for every reader that gets the right book, every wrong reader gets a different book because, different approaches and let’s face it: I don’t want you comparing notes with each other.

However, (keeping in line to the excellent book analogy because I’m fabulous for thinking of it in the first place) all readers alike get a common introduction. #NoHate #AllLivesMatter I like to (try to) be funny, a bit chatty, open to listening and being a cheerleader about saving the world and spreading sunshine on rainy days #haw

Still for all, there are few things I don’t speak much on for various reasons among which include:

(Local and International) Politics

No, I’m not trying to be diplomatic about it. Truth be told, unless it’s the UNFCCC or your names happen to be Trudeau or Macron, I’m not interested in knowing about you either. Mostly because I am a little blissfully unaware about what really goes on. Shameful I know, but I’m not lying when I say that it bores me. Sometimes to near death. I’m not proud of it needless to say but at least I’m being honest about it and avoid partaking in conversations I don’t quite understand much of.

On How Parents Should Parent their Children

Of course I will give ample advise on how I would raise my unborn children and in my mind write countless blog posts about how wrong I think you are raising your own. But, I for one will most likely not be able to afford any of my own and since you are bravely raising children, I genuinely do believe that you have a better idea of what you are doing with your kid(s), I think.


While education is essential and a right for all, let’s face it. In reality, not everyone has access to it and due to various reasons, those who do have access to it sometimes leave it behind due to commitments, financial concerns, more lucrative job offers and the genuine lack of interest in wanting to study. While education is one way towards the road of smart(dom), it isn’t the only way and learning happens in everyday life and not just in an institution.

Sexuality and Gender

I added both, despite knowing very well that one is different from the other because I am unable to clearly explain as to how one differs from the other. My Gender Studies lecturer from 2012/2013 will be disappointed, I know. But like what you may, who you may and do whomever you please, so as long as you stay away from my man, you and I can always, ALWAYS drink together. I’ll even buy you a round.

Body Size

Let’s just say, #AllBodiesAreBeautiful

and they are! If you are unable to see beyond that, you and I clearly cannot be friends.

Facebook Relationship Statuses

If you are not on Facebook, well I don’t think this would apply to you, but irrespective of you being single, married, widowed, divorced and any other new type of relationship you choose to be in, I’m chill, with the exceptions of you either complaining about your chosen status or making out with you bae next to meet when we meet every four months for dinner. (ew)


These include the beliefs and practices of my own, of yours and those around us. Unless otherwise provoked with hateful comments on any religion, I will continue to believe that all religions speak of love, unity and togetherness because that’s what all religions preach. I think.

Coz we all love the pope.

This also means that I bear judgement (maybe a bit on parenting one tho) and have no biases (unless you are a child of war or divorce) on the different perspectives you and the rest of the world choose to believe in.

Because, personal space right?

We will soon speak on religion and agnosticism. However, if the sun chooses to shine and rays of inspiration hit me, I will speak of travels.

Let’s Talk about Birthdays

A few days ago, it was my birthday.

Thanks to a few close people in my life having publicised this on Facebook, the rest of Facebook got to know and the next thing I know, I’m sitting up early the next day replying to posts because, social (media) responsibilities.

Answering your question on as to why I continued to be on Facebook, I learnt (nearly the hard way) that if you happen to be the sole administrator of certain Facebook pages having your profile deactivated results in those pages being hidden / unpublished, which in my case would not have helped. I was vulnerable.

But, the main reason on not mentioning my birthday on Facebook or throwing a party to celebrate the birthday (also note that I don’t surprisingly drink on my birthday, wut.i.know.right,lol #wannabealcoholics) is because I simply do not like (celebrating) my birthday. Emphasis on the my as I love celebrating everyone else’s birthday. Hypocritical, af.

My twenty-something old brain tells me that the refraining of celebrations having begun with my once-religious ways (wut.i.know.right,lol). But as I grew older and approached my late teenage and then adult life, I genuinely grew averse to celebrating my birthday for reasons that baffle me or rather, unknown to me.

The best of my instincts tell me that it might also be the wannabe-hipster-ish-let’s-not-celebrate-major-events-in-life-unless-you-get-married-coz-you’ll-be-a-rockstar-and-it’ll-hopefully-be-once-lol syndrome, which I sincerely hope you understand, if not, go eat a cupcake.

<cue “aww”>

But as I grew older, my two-year studies of psychology (that may have led me to think that I graduated with a post-doctoral certification, wut.i.know.right,lol) likes to think that this form of abstinence (I like how I try to spice it up like my non-existent sex life) may have been an early manifestation of sorts for the type of social anxiety that I feel now WHEN I AM AROUND CROWDS, which may have also been caused by the sort of work I do (that usually revolves around the least number of people #happyloner )

I get anxious.

Lots anxious.

Especially, social (media) anxious because let’s face it, (most of) my life is on social media. I mean, do you know that if there was no internet that I might probably have to learn how to bake cookies, get into shape and sell them at these wash n’ vacuum places wearing a crop top and mini skirt?

<cue Dili> #DramaticSeniIsDramatic

But all said and done, I’m truly grateful to all who called and wished having seen my friends and families initial noise making online. I don’t judge you, no, I do that too, if I already don’t have your birthday written down. Most if not all, wish well and genuinely want nothing but happiness and sunshine in my life and I am truly grateful for it, but as those who are closest to me knows, quieter the better.

Like my first birthday in India. I spent the entire night walking by myself and nomming down ama(h)zing Bengali food for dinner and also treating myself to Gelato ice cream (because, student budgets) and then I come to hostel and find out that my friends had planned a big treasure hunt and dinner (with so many biriyanis!). My heart broke because I was overwhelmed and unsure how to react to these social situations. I was truly happy and awkward. Do you understand now? 

Also, no cake, because you’ll end up eating it, haha. The image above is what actually went down. I mean the cake, you little dirty minded thing.

December Diaries copy

Write soon.

On (the Importance of) Wedding Rehearsals

So, just in case you are not my following me on Foursquare or Twitter or know me in person to see slash hear slash witness my various makeovers as a wedding guest, you are about to read one.

For those who know me, you know that I avoid weddings like the plague. Mostly because I cannot be bothered with the process of dolling up. Don’t get me wrong, I like dressing up, just not for weddings.But what do you know, God thought it was time and BAM, four weddings in January. I might also add that this is the same month I begin working from home and thus intended to cut down on expenses, right?


Weddings. Sigh. There are only so many times that you can reuse a sari and worst, weddings aren’t an LBD event. So this means, buying material and buying shoes and going back and forth to the various seamstresses (obviously coz I don’t trust my osari girl with a dress and vice versa) and salon appointments and makeup remover and wedding presents and transport arrangements and becoming occasionally emotional when you see your school friend get married.

*insert tear*

<Loon Tao keeps sending me Valentine’s Day ball requests.>

So, this is a hurried post, I should’ve written like yesterday BECAUSE, I have another (also final) wedding to go for in a bit. All the way in Kandy, this time I thought of embracing my *ahem* half-Sinhala side of the situation.

Also, the topic! I forgot to speak in relevance to the topic of this post. Always so me, missing the point when it is right in your face. Mr Poe can go re-purloin that shiz.

So, the 3/4 wedding was within the family. It was a remarriage so wasn’t as jill-baranged. (JILL! ❤ :D) Since Akki flew back to Dubai, I am now the eldest in our generation (among 11 nieces and nephews, if I may add). Muhaha. So, I get bossy, I have no issue with that. Especially, when I have seventeen year-old cousins who squeal at the site of boys. Worse, the only old enough boy-cousin (fourteen, the other fellow is three, the other two are from the first marriage of the remarrying uncle so uh-uh, weren’t there), REFUSED to take pictures? I mean what is with that? Women aren’t allowed in the main party hall and shiz when the signing jazz is going on (we be the Muslims!) and this stupid fellow is just standing there. GAH. Now because of this boy, we have no ring-putting picture. GAH. Also, I was told to hold the ring for the new-aunt. Okay. But I give the box to my existing-uncle, right?


Duh. You ought to know that. But I didn’t! In my opinion, for whatever it is worth, the two scenarios listed above could have been avoided had there been a wedding rehearsal! Sigh. Even if it is a remarriage in small scale business or whatever, wedding is a ruddy wedding and people would want to take hundred-and-one pictures and these should all be accurately planned with both parties.

<insert lack of communication and eye-ball rolling.>

It’s Christmas!

Hurrah for stating the obvious. Tsk. But I’ve missed my last Tuesday post noh? How did that happen? :O Was it a holiday? Like poya? :s I’m so sorry I did. I had forgotten wage. If there was anyone who was looking forward to it, sorry about it!

Lookie our pretty tree with ALL THE GIFTS! I GOT a 2014 planner *yay*, hair stuff *yay* and vouchers *yay*
Lookie our pretty tree with ALL THE GIFTS! I GOT a 2014 planner *yay*, hair stuff *yay* and vouchers *yay*

So, I’m feeling positively Christmassy today and I look around at my work folks and  Twitter timeline and realise that not many people share similar sentiments! Haw 😦 So, time to play elf *rubs palms together*

Here are a few things I could piece together from the top of my mind, I hope it would work and you would love me and we could all be happy.

a) Listen to my killer 8tracks playlist here.

b) Watch Love Actually. Muhaha.

c) Buy something for someone else, wrap it nicely (if you can’t, please go to Odel and stand in line) and hand it over on Christmas. Even I don’t celebrate Christmas, but ’tis now a global celebration noh. We are celebrating Christmas at home too and exchanging gifts and shiz. I’ll upload a picture once I get home okei.

d) Watch this and this Superwoman videos.

e) Introspection taime! Write down ten nice things you did for yourself (even if it is spending 2000 bucks at McDonald’s JUST FOR YOURSELF!) within the year. I bought myself a yummy Fillet burger yesterday and was thrilled.

f) If you are single, buy yourself a pretty Christmas present! Yay. If you are not, well too bad. Muhaha. Kidding, by something for your other/better/worse half.

I can’t think of more at the moment, but will add to the list if I do and till then, you could let me know if there is anything else that could go on the list too. Yay.

Stay happy and think sunny my Jillies.