Let’s Talk about this VAT thing

I’m the type of person who rants on supposedly first world problems as you saw yesterday. When it comes to VAT and other things of national importance, I become a hermit that quietly reads the news and shares it if it happens to be exceptionally interesting (like on Newscurry or something), or just keep it to myself for information’s sake and not discuss it in public fora. Mostly because I have no interest in discussing common man’s problems not because it doesn’t affect me, but my nonchalant dismissive and cynical ways lets me think that this is the way of life. And if you haven’t guessed it already: I am everything but the revolutionist.

I’ve always been the conformist type. Ever since I was younger, probably because my older sister got her way most of the time, haha, I to some extent mastered the art of manipulation, tsk. No hate now. I also mastered the art of doing something in order to get something in return. For example, when I was in my “early 20s” #waa I would be the type to clean the house the whole week, wash dishes and cook on most days just to go out that Friday night and party all night long. Now I’m too old to party and even if I weren’t I knock off by 2300h, because fatigue. But then, I would also be the type who would do things in advance just because I remember a lot of things (I rather not remember) #ElephantBrain and when I ask for something (which again is rare because I don’t ask for things because #EgoIssues) I do not get rejected. Unless it’s a salary hike or something, haha.

But then, when it comes to things like VAT imposed on healthcare, now that makes me one of those armchair computer chair revolutionists.

No not that VAT
No, not that VAT

So, I did not know this but according to the article I read this morning (linked above), healthcare was one of the few sectors where VAT was not imposed all this while and turns out (as per the article) this stands true also for “countries with more advanced medical facilities”.

Having gone to the hospital this morning to check on my blurring vision (bit of an Arya Stark situation here) I was wondering why the cashier was struggling to find 50 cents to give back to me (I didn’t know we still used em with current inflation rates) and later saw a little notice that explained on this VAT situation (this was at Asiri on Kirula Road by the way).

Apologise if this seems blurry. I couldn't really see what I was snapping.
Apologise if this seems blurry. I couldn’t really see what I was snapping

I don’t know what the status is for people who rely on government hospitals and free medical facilities. Does this mean that VAT has been imposed on medication / pharmacies as well? And then you think that Unawatuna and Hikkaduwa are bad for overcharging patrons with VAT and Service Charge even when taking out a mediocre kottu roti. Come to Colombo and by a card of Panadol and get 15% added to that.

See, this time what’s different with my nonchalant dismissive and cynical ways is me knowing that this is unfair. (What’s more the front page of the print-Daily Mirror says of a 4% increase to water bills – and you thought water was free. Why aren’t they charging us for air already). I for one know that I have a limited amount on the OPD section of my medical insurance. But what about those who do not have insurance, or work on part-time, consultancy (tsk) or day-labour that do not have a medical plan going on?

While my nonchalant dismissive and cynical ways pay no mind to what the Government is doing to the country, things like this somehow bring out that almost dying armchair computer chair revolutionist in me and like most other armchair computer chair revolutionist, I will until changes are made or revised, sit behind a screen and rant about it.

I hope you all are well, because it’s too expensive to be otherwise.

My Two Tuesday Cents

This is neither a brave post of sorts, nor a rant. But a mere expression of thought, or my unworthy two cents of what has become. I am not a brave soul, neither do I claim to be one (or intend to at that), yet it’s Tuesday and one and a half days have passed since what has happened. In all honesty, it is still Monday but I know it would be nightfall by the time I get about finishing this.

While it would be unfair to say that I am not affected by what takes place, blame it on the genetic makeup and the ongoing qualms of the personal belief systems, I do know that the riots are bothering me. I might not be too explicit about it but when I see my kind fight each other, the child in me simply asks, “Why?”

It has been a long time since I accepted that we were all one kind, irrespective of the supposed racist I claimed to be while I lived in India. On the contrary, I nurtured within me a deep love for the country, its people and everything else that came with it. Now, the supposedly mature person I have become no longer fights for “her kind” that rallies against “his kind”. While streaks of feminism still lie in me as the highlights on my hair since last Summer, it is only a matter of time before my hair grows longer and I get a new hair cut.

When the Sandra Bullock movie, Miss Congeniality mocked world peace, we all laughed a long in the name of comedy. But little did we know that those blonde babes had more sense than we do in wishing for a world filled with stability.

Some have called this the reincarnation or perhaps the start of such a reincarnation of the 1983 Black July. On the same light I have friends who avoid all forms of “reported media” on the claim of partiality and the mere fact of it being reported. Perhaps if we were all as dismissive about life, the world might be a happier place.

From the heartless to the “hearty”, here’s my parting word of Tuesday advise:

My parting word of advise for you babies <3
My parting word of advise for you babies ❤ (c) Google Images


Of Conformity

The importance of this post knows no bounds. Last night’s post is still sitting in my drafts.

While studying for my supplementary slash back paper in psychology last night I read that frustration is caused by others who block or keep you from reaching a particular goal. Whereas stress is caused by more individualistic reasons such as procrastination. So it is frustration that a certain individual maybe subject to at this moment in time.

So the two-day bandh. Or strike. Await my next post for that. See what I did there. Winks. The newspapers this morning said that there private institutions were not functioning, or in reality this would be translated to the decision being at the discretion of the said private institution. So the one I attend, decided to have college. Since it is a norm to work on holidays.

My roommate and I drag our bums out of bed and drag our feet – in a three-wheeled vehicle – to college. I attend college and then there are almost half of them saying that they don’t want to attend class. My only question being, “IF YOU DID NOT WANT TO ATTEND CLASS OR WANTED A HOLIDAY, WHY THE FUCK DID YOU NOT STAY AT HOME?” There are some of us who either need attendance – given the required 85% – or genuinely enjoy attending class and learn something. There are a few of us who are not intelligent enough to read and learn things on their own. WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM.

I don’t think I ever could conform to the likings of a majority, or in this case the voice of the dominant few. Solidarity never seemed to function well in the contexts I was a subject to.

I still don’t understand why some people are unable to understand the purpose in which they decided to come to college, which is to learn and do whatever else that you can do while being a student.

I think I need to go dancing.