Tuesday Voices

Hello lovelies!

It’s been a while since I last wrote here and for those who actually stop to read the nonsense I write, first thank you and secondly, I apologise. Writing has been difficult for me the past few days and even months. It’s always been a process that has come easy to me, by this no I do not mean that I didn’t put effort into it, but it’s something I could do with little or no motivation whatsoever if it was for work or even for something fun, like writing here. But these days, motivation has been sitting below ground level and for the first time it’s probably affected this process negatively.

I don’t rant about it as much because I know that I somehow pull myself up and pinch my eyelid to get things done last minute. The second reason I keep myself from ranting about it is because I am aware there are those who have it worse off than I do and I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

Also, I must add that it’s still Sunday over here and I want to write a bit of a longer post so will be spanning this across the next two days, hopefully.

On Journeys 

One of the many things that has fascinated me is the concept (and even the act of) a journey. I am deeply (and very cheesily) moved by inspiring music that is used as a background track for a journey, in any form of transportation. I’ve experimented this while editing videos while in university too and it does leave you with that feeling of content and warm fuzz. <turns into slime after all that cheese>

However, what I haven’t been fascinated with is why most people compare life to a journey. True there is the beginning and the end, but unlike in a journey when you set out, you wouldn’t know the stops you would make for fuel, food, sleep and you wouldn’t have Google maps either. And more often than not, our short-term destinations are not always pre-destined are they.

Journeys and motivation. Happy Tuesday my babies 🙂 (c) Google Images

On Motivation 

It’s Monday night, in case you were wondering.

I may have written on this before but things may have a bit of twist because Winter is here. I recently watched one of my favourite YouTuber’s say how she cheers herself up on a bad day by saying, “Today is the youngest and the oldest I’ll ever be (and hence will live today as it were the last day on earth – or something to that effect).”

But from what I know of myself, it’s easier to stay sad and miserable as opposed to trying. Trying requires too much effort and trust me, some can only try to get through the day. Night becomes hell. Sleep comes to you less and when it does bad dreams accompany it. You wake up feeling like you were hit by a truck or had a Sumo wrestler sleeping on top of you. Either way, it isn’t too pretty to wear salonpas on both shoulders as if it were part of your daily attire. But you can’t help it because this is exactly what you want to do and want to be and you frankly cannot do anything to make better the situation because there is no effort left in you.

I’m not saying that you can, if I knew you can, I would be trying that out on myself first. But what you can do however, to better the situation is to *drum roll please* compartmentalise. Yes, my shameless self-promotion of what Mr Lorry (A Tale of Two Cities) does best and what I have grown to imbibe in me as well. This way, your chances of being susceptible to what I call the “Domino Effect”, where everything in your life comes crashing down at the same time, becomes lesser. You become like those surviving Christmas lights you’d be taking out sometime next month to light up the tree and continue to shine bright despite that one little LED fucker who is not sunny.

The show must go on.

Even if the sky falls down, even if everything seems wrong and nothing makes sense anymore, the show must always go on. At times like this, the only solace once could find lies in trying to find the purpose of life and perhaps why we are here today. Why we may have had a “near death experience” as opposed to “death” itself. Why we should be thankful for ourselves and for everything and everyone we have in our lives. Even if the “Domino Effect” does come into play and Mr Lorry’s compartments all starts come to a halt at the same time, find the one that has the least damage and start healing that first before the crowd of compartments lures it into burning water. Once in a way, a bottoms up approach doesn’t hurt 🙂

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