Day Six: On Top of the World

So in case you didn’t already guess this one, I climbed Sigiriya! Woots. The first time in like twenty-something years. But it was the sense of accomplishment that comes with it. I’ve always been a bit of a Frescos and seeing it was quite a treat. The museum was all sorts of lovely as well, a must-go museum for all history buffs.

Since it is Friday, and once upon a time I started something on the lines of #FridayWisdom, let me share what I have in store for you today.

First is on solitude. Being alone is so underrated and not many people attempt it. I like and enjoy me-time as it is one of those few times I actually get to reflect on myself, what I want and lots of other things I do not have time to think of otherwise. While a lot of this would turn out bad, a bit of it everyday or a lot of it (catch up time, lol) once in a way is quite healthy. I thought through a lot of things and most importantly would like to think that I gained clarity on a few things as well. I hope these would reflect into all things positive in my life in future, only time will tell.

More wisdom is to be on these posts soon, will streamline them into something meaningful I suppose.

Signing off early tonight, read 7pm and then will be heading back home tomorrow. Yay.

Time for pictures and I might not post during the weekend as I have work catching up.

Have a good weekend lovelies 🙂




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